Some recent projects….. continued.

We’ll see how the computer is acting this evening 😀

Besides making the dress, I’ve been working on some thrift shop finds, and re-printing a couple of older shirts of mine.. Some for an article I’m writing for Lilly and the rest just because.

I found a great cotton ‘sweater’ top that took prints well.

It went from this ……


To this…..


And an old silk blouse of my mother’s. I took out the shoulder pads, and cut the sleeves off (may need a couple of tucks in the shoulder seams to make it a bit less sloppy/large looking).




And here is a photo of them all. The two shirts in the upper left hand corner are ones that I had dyed before, and the were looking wan, so it was time for a face lift. The others (with the exception of my mom’s silk shirt) are thrift shop shirts, some linen and some cotton.



It’s taking a long time for the photo download, again. I think that it’s time to turn my camera back to low resolution 😉 Had it turned up to high for Lilly’s sake.

I have one more linen shirt that hasn’t been photographed yet. And several more shirts that have been soy milk soaked, and are waiting to be dyed.

But may take a break and do some weaving first 😀


Some recent projects

I set about to make a dress for my son Cooper to use in a photo shoot. I used a Tina Givens pattern, in a size small. Not sure what small thing it was meant to be for, as it seemed pretty big when I was finished. 🙂 But I was happy with the results!

IMG_4046 cropped


It will be interesting to see how he does a shoot with this!

Okay, my computer is acting wonky, and it’s taking WAY too long to down load photos to wordpress. Have to head to bed so that I can get up bright eyed and head to work in the morning. Will continue this in another entry tomorrow evening (hopefully).

A little yarn dyeing between eco prints

Am a bit in limbo, between making my slip dresses and starting a project for Lilly’s magazine. So thought that I’d get some yarn dyed!

The first skein was out of some horsetail that I collected on my trip to Portland. Not a very bold color 🙂  But a nice pale peachy yellow that will blend in well with my other colors.


Then two skeins dyed with Saint John’s Wort…… love the shade of green I got from it! There are some small patches of red here and there amongst the green…. not enough to bother me.



Two skeins with Hibiscus.


And finally, tried to dye with eucalyptus leaves again. The first time I tried, a couple of years ago, I didn’t get anything spectacular. But am happy with this color. Picking all of the chopped up leaf pieces out of the yarn, the ones that wouldn’t shake out, isn’t going to be any fun though!


All of the colors look nice together. But then, most naturally dyed colors seem to blend together well in my opinion.


And finally…. a teaser.  two pieces of raw silk that were dyed/eco printed in the left over Saint John’s Wort pot. The flowers are coreopsis from my garden.


Now….. back to my project for Lilly’s magazine!

Oh….. in case you missed her first issue, here is a link!