Time to start again

Let’s see if I can remember how!

When I closed my FaceBook account, I promised to start writing my blog again, to keep in touch with my friends…… and to share what I am doing in my ‘creative’ life.

A quick start. Two little organic cotton tee-shirts for my grand-daughters.

My stock of leaves in the refrigerator were all moldy…… my sinuses were not happy! The only leaves that weren’t, were my liquidambar . Luckily, my geranium outside, which hadn’t even been watered in months, still had a quantity of leaves on it (why it wasn’t dead is a leafy miracle!) And of course the guava is evergreen. And I still had maple leaves in the freezer from a couple of years ago.

I dyed with shirts with lac. Then a layer of leaves. Sprinkled with logwood and turmeric and covered with a rust cloth. Steamed for an hour.

I’d forgotten how frustratingly slow the photos upload here 😦 And not only that….. I keep getting an ‘error’ message, and am told to ‘try again’….. sigh. Will post this for now, and try to go back and edit some photos in later.

For Josephine I used geranium and guava leaves. This photo was taken by Lilly and sent to me 😀


And for Eleanor I used maple and liquidambar.