Really? It’s been a month since I’ve written anything here!?

I have gone ahead and decided to keep the etsy shop open…… as a ‘micro shop’ ! Just pop things into it as I make them, without the stress of filling it to the brim (haha when have I ever worried about that?!)

Posted three scarves, along with the piece you already saw. Two are eco printed silk charmeuse circle scarves.

IMG_1205 IMG_1213 IMG_1216 IMG_1229

And one was a wool scarf I bought through Dharma


The top silk scarf sold already! I was very surprised…. and happy!!

Had meant to dye the fabric for two more scarves this ‘weekend’….. but only got as far as washing the fabric and setting it to soak in some sea salt/rainwater. Guess it will have to wait until my next days off.

What I did do this week is experiment with using symplocos as a pre mordant for some organic cotton onesies for my grand daughter. First they were soaked in a combo of symplocos and tannin….. then soy milk and washing soda.

They didn’t turn out very well 😦  But I’ll post a couple of photos here anyway.

Ellie can always wear them while playing in the dirt, without her mama worrying about her getting dirty! 😀

IMG_1254 IMG_1255 IMG_1256 IMG_1257 IMG_1259 IMG_1262

And wove a scarf for my sister-in-law’s birthday, using left over cotton yarns (bought before I’d committed to only buying un-dyed or natural dyed yarns)