I had bought some new yarn (new as in I hadn’t bought it before) from Dharma for my last batch of natural dyeing. It seemed a tiny bit scratchy….

I was wondering how it would feel after being ‘fulled’…… would it still be scratchy?  So I wove what I refer to as a ‘Neck Blanket’…… just a loosely woven plain weave, leaving lots of room for ‘lofting/fluffing’ in the wash process.

It turned out wonderfully!!


Now to put another warp on, with colors that my ex might like, for part of his Christmas present!

Playing around with my new dyes…..

I bought some new natural dyes, made in India ( I purchased them from….. Blue Castle Fiber Arts) they’re great! Easy to use and nice strong colors.

So far I have only used three colors…. but am excited to buy some of the others to see how well they turn out!

Here are two weavings I made using some of the yarn that I dyed…..

Handwoven naturally dyed shawl

Handwoven naturally dyed shawl

IMG_2026 IMG_2027

handwoven scarf dyed with natural dyes

handwoven scarf dyed with natural dyes

IMG_2035 IMG_2031

So much happier with the weaving accomplished this week….. after two disasters last week!