Remiss about keeping up with my blog :(

I really have been working on things these past few weeks….. but for some reason I just haven’t stopped to blog about them.

I wove two shawls, after a dear customer wrote to me and told me that she had lost one of my shawls in a move.



She chose the blue one.

What I love about these shawls, is their texture! I was at a loss for what to use as the weft. Nothing seemed to be fitting with the warps. Then I took a chance with a nice indigo dyed boucle yarn, that I feared would be too fine. They turned out amazingly!! And with this great lofty lightness to them.

I also made my sister-in-law a patchwork  eco print silk print cowl for her birthday.



And I made myself a peasant blouse out of some hemp/silk fabric that I had soaked in soy milk last fall, but hadn’t printed yet. So I printed it with what little I had on hand this time of year….. silver dollar eucalyptus and rose leaves. I would’ve liked there to be more color…. but I can always go back and reprint it later in the year when there are more leaves around.

IMG_2339IMG_2343 IMG_2344 IMG_2345 IMG_2346


And last, but far from least, I am slowly (REALLY slowly) working on my handwoven top.  It has a commercial hemp warp and a hand spun weft, in a simple birdseye weave. After it was woven and washed, I eco printed it.

So far it’s still in it’s stitching together phase…. it’s been sitting there for a couple of weeks, poor thing! I hope to finish stitching today and then will hand wash it and see where I’m going next.



And that catches me all up. At least with what I can share at the moment.