A seed for thought…..

I was sad to hear that India Flint won’t be coming back to Eugene in May, although I entirely understand her reasons why.

And as I sat here thinking…. I’ll never be able to take a workshop, I can’t afford most of them. A bit of self pity here 😉 to be sure….. this idea popped into my head!!

How about an “Eco Print Gathering”!!

A gathering for like minded people to get together and share ideas. Do some wandering and gathering, bundling and ‘cooking’. No, or very little, cost. No teacher.

I am still roughing out the idea. I want it to be in the Portland, OR area and in late September. I’ll keep you all updated on plans as they firm up.

Yesterday’s scarf…..

IMG_3095 IMG_3097 IMG_3098

IMG_3102IMG_3103The last two photos are yesterday’s scarf paired up with last week’s scarf. I love them together!!

Petite Blanket….. the beginnings

I started spinning some wool yarns for a ruana awhile ago. Some are naturally dyed, and the rest are natural colored wool. But now that I have closed my etsy shop I have no ‘need’ to weave it. So I’ve decided to turn them into a little blanket!

These are the warp yarns….. yarn for blanketFrom left to right…. gray wool (from roving Lilly gave me last Christmas in my stocking), the next two are a moorit shetland/alpaca/angora blend, the next two are BFL/silk dyed with cochineal, then comes a BFL/silk brazilwood skein, the last two are rovings that I bought from https://www.etsy.com/shop/lochlomondstudio and then spun…. both are cochineal.

For the weft I dyed some mohair boucle in the same dye bath as the middle two skeins.

Will weave it and post photos this coming week 😀