Portland Leaves (and wedding flowers)

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Walking the streets in Oregon have me thinking about going back to school and studying botany (again… it was one of the majors I was briefly studying, until I let chemistry scare me away). There is such a plethora of foliage up there!! OR, I could just get myself a good reference book on trees and leaves!


Two New Shirts

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I made myself a couple of new silk tank tops to bring with me on vacation…..

This first one was a combination of black walnut leaves, snakeweed and baby silver dollar eucalyptus….. simmered for three hours in a black walnut dye bath (along with some more yarn).

The second was pressure cooker dyed with rose and baby eucalyptus leaves pressed between some tiles….. then dipped into an indigo vat. Not quite how I envisioned it, but I like it! Next time I think that I’ll do the shibori indigo first, so that I have a better idea for the leaf placement.

Blue Everywhere

I have my slip/underskirt in it’s final stage. It’s going a bit more slowly than I expected as my sewing machine took this moment to have some sort of tantrum (hopefully it just needs a good cleaning). I sewed the side seam of the slip last night… then as I started to sew the next seam, the bobbin thread and the top thread started to skip areas of joining. And the tension began to go wonky. I tried everything I could think of to fix it (with my limited knowledge). But alas.

So in frustration I began to hand hem it (when I knew all along that the nicest hem would be hand done anyway)….. pricked my thumb several times, and let a few tears slip.

But the wonderful part was the transformation of my mood while I was sewing!! I went from feeling stressed, sad, angry, frustrated to such a nice blissful calm! Not even the few droplets of blood on the white silk bothered me!

I know that I can gather the top of the slip easily….. but am a bit concerned about hand stitching in it place under the dress. What will keep the gathers in place? I’m sure the question will resolve itself as I’m actually sewing….. but  ANY hints will be appreciated!





I also plunged an off-white cotton shawl from Oaxaca into the indigo vat, thought that it might work as a wrap for the wedding. If not, I love blue anyway!


🙂  Of course I forgot to check my gloves for holes before I used them! So now my hands match everything else! Won’t my boss love that when I go back to work on Thursday!