Giving Thanks…..

I haven’t written much here lately, life has been too busy.

I just returned from two weeks in Portland Oregon….. a trip that started out as a week vacation, to go visit my new grand baby who was due on the 11th.

I got to Portland and Emily hadn’t delivered yet. So we spent the first day gathering leaves! That was fun!

IMG_3166The next few days I continued to walk around their neighborhood gathering more leaves to bring home. I managed to get quite a few of the wonderful large cotinus leaves from the tree that I scored some from on my last visit in August!! Plus many maple leaves, of various varieties.

I was up there almost a week when Emily had an ultrasound on her 41st week of pregnancy. They discovered at that time that the baby was breech! What they had been feeling was it’s head, not it’s rump!! The midwives went into action trying to turn the baby. Not so pleasant on Emily! When they couldn’t get it to turn, they called another midwife, known for her amazing ability to turn babies. She tried the next day…. also unsuccessfully.

Now Emily and Matt were faced with a tough decision. Get an epidural at the hospital, and have them try to turn the baby. Or wait, and see if the baby would turn on it’s own. The decided on the epidural.

When they got to the hospital, they hooked up a fetal monitor and found that Emily was in the early stages of labor! And that the baby’s heart rate was dropping during the contractions, rather than increasing like it should be. So the epidural and turning was no longer an option. There were only three doctors willing to deliver a breech baby in the hospital….. and none of them were available at that time.

So, she had a c-section. She and Matt were not very happy with that. They had been planning on a natural birth…… far away from a hospital and all of it’s germs. But life does give us unexpected twists sometimes that we just can’t fight.

So the little girl was born on November 21st (my father’s birthday!). She was 7 lbs. 6 oz and 19 inches long. Both she and Emily are doing splendidly!! And Matt is proving once again what an amazing fellow he is. The way he is caring for Emily, and doting on his new little girl…. it makes my heart swell.

IMG_3189_1IMG_3213_1IMG_3236_1IMG_3241_1I came home again on Tuesday. It’s hard being so far away! I miss the smell of her….. and the warmth of her little body. And I miss Emily and Matt and Cooper (it’s nice that he lives across the street from her!)

So today I give thanks for all the miracles in the world. For family. For friends.

No great feast here today. But I will eco print a blouse with leaves I brought back from Portland…. perhaps next week I will post photos of the blouses I have dyed/printed in the past few weeks!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! ❤