Hummm….. a year and a half to stitch up two 25 inch seams!

Last February (February 2011 that is) I wove up a length of fabric out of wool and silk. The yarns I used were in their natural off white pristine state, which  means……. dye!! I have an aversion to white, white anything! Who knows why…….. maybe because I’m a naturally grubby person?

I dyed it with cochineal.

I can’t weave or bundle right now, but I can sew! This fabric jumped off the shelf into my arms last night and said “Do me do me!!” So I did!

The process transported me into creative fantasyland….. and all sorts of projects leapt into my brain. And because it was ‘fantasyland’ all of the things I imagined were much more finished/polished than my usual creations.

A nice score…..

I was at a used bookstore today and found a copy of “Fabrics That Go Bump”!! It was only $14!

Some of what it talks about is not new to me……. BUT there is a whole section on deflected double weave! Yay!! Good reading while my arm is on the mend!

Speaking of which, I went to an orthopedic doctor today. He is not going to cast my arm after all. He said that with breaks by the elbow, they heal better without a cast. He couldn’t promise that I won’t have pain in my elbow for the rest of my life….. but that the possibilities are better, if it’s not put in a cast.  And no driving my stick-shift car while it heals….. but John has a car I can use to get to and from work when I start back next week.

Life is good.

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Oh…. the little baby plant is a red flowering eucalyptus I’m growing from seed. He was a mistake, not the variety I had been told to get, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t eco print potential when he matures!

Slow Food….. Slow Cloth…..

And now….. Slow photography!

Learning to take photos with the left hand is challenging and fun. Not very good at it yet, but I have plenty of time to practice!

The best subjects? Water drops on spiderwebs and snails!

Speaking of water drops!! We actually had rain all day!!! I have now filled all of my eco dye water buckets! 🙂 Yippee!!  And maybe once my arm is in a cast I will be able to use my right hand enough to bundle fabric? You know I am going to try…… I’m going stir crazy, and only have a bit over 8 weeks until Emily’s wedding. I need to get that dress finished! I also swallowed my pride and asked a good friend here if she would help me make it. At this point I just want to make sure that I have something lovely to wear….. it doesn’t have to be made solely by me.

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One mis-step and in an instant everything changes…..

My daughter Lilly showed up Tuesday night, she and her fellow were trying to escape the heat of Phoenix for a day.

She showed me how to put links on my wordpress site…. then we decided to go for a late night walk in the relative coolness. We were having a great time, walking and talking, away from the guys for a moment for some ‘girl time’.

Then, crossing the street in the dark I didn’t see the curb coming up, and Kablam! I went down!! I caught myself on my hands and knees.

I got up, with difficulty, and checked out the damage. My heel of my left hand had a huge ‘egg’ on it, my right arm had pain shooting up from the wrist to the elbow. My right knee  was a tiny bit scraped up…. but starting to swell. Oh, and the ribs under my left breast hurt.

Lilly asked me of I was okay….. and the only thought that came to mind was….. “I’m thirsty!”. Odd.

We walked a short ways to some outside benches in front of a deli so that I could sit down. I was beginning to feel woozy, a little bit in shock. I checked out my knee again, it being my main concern as we had a ways to walk before getting back to the house.

Just then a truck approached us slowly and a man asked if we needed a ride someplace, as it looked like I had hurt my knee. I said “Oh? Did you see me fall?! And he said “No, but I saw you checking out your knee and I figured that you needed help” I felt uneasy. So said, “no, we’re okay” Then he slowly pulled away and backed into an alley and remained in his truck. Creepy. What was more creepy was that Lilly had seen him pulling out from the exact same spot right before he approached us. Why was he there? Surveillance? A ‘good guy” or a “bad guy”?

About this time I decided that if I didn’t have to walk home, I’d rather not. Lilly unfortunately didn’t have her cell phone on her….. but miraculously she did have a quarter in her pocket and there was a pay phone in front of the deli.

She called her guy and asked him to come get us…. that “Mom looks bad!” 

We got home. I kept wanting to go into shock for some reason. My knee swelled to three times it’s normal size. My left hand hurt, but the ‘egg’ was going down. But my right arm was what was bothering me. I couldn’t move it past a certain position…. couldn’t straighten my elbow. Everybody looked at it, nobody thought that it was broken, including myself….. just jammed.

Took some ‘rescue remedy’ and arnica….. although both were out of date. Lilly made me wash my knee off. Then found me some frozen peas to put on it (no ice in the house).

I spent the 4th of July on the couch with ice packs.

Now it’s Thursday…. my knee is still swollen a bit. Can’t use my left thumb to grip anything because of the huge bruise on the heel of the hand. My ribs still hurt. AND I still can’t straighten my right arm. 

I have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon, it’s the soonest she could see me. Hopefully she can get everything back to where it’s supposed to be! I can’t afford to miss another day of work.

And that’s my “pity party” story…. 🙂  Hopefully there will never be another one to tell!

Promises made…..

I always keep my promises, although not always in a timely manner.

This shawl was promised a few months back. But I have older promises that are still lingering in my brain….. for instance a rag rug for my friend Gina. They will all get done, and people will get unexpected gifts out of the blue….. I’m sure they have all given up on me!

My “Big Mama” sunflowers have begun to bloom!! Although they should’ve been named “Gangly Adolescents” as they are not that huge. Their bright cheerful faces make me smile….. and the bees are humming their thanks, Not much else is blooming around here….. yet….. the monsoons are just around the corner!! Maybe tomorrow?ImageImageImage