A tiny jacket for a tiny girl

Made Ellie a jacket this week…. it’s a size ‘2’ so she will have to grow into it!
Didn’t turn out as I expected it to…. but I like it!

Outer side is wool dyed with eucalyptus, onion skins and a scattering of turmeric. Lining is organic cotton dyed with indigo.

Probably should’ve ironed it before I took photos….. but was in a hurry to get to the post office before they closed.

IMG_4135 IMG_4137 IMG_4140

Just some photos of the dyeing I’m doing this week

madder, soapnut and cochineal….. the one second to the left will be over dyed at some point, it’s a bit too light for my taste.

indigo and turmericIMG_2134

….. isn’t it amazing how different fibers take up the colors? These were all in the same dye bath! Oh, I just read that and thought….. “What? You got oranges and greens out of the same dye bath?!” No…. two different dye bathes…… one green and one red/orange.


I’ve got some true blues going right now…. will post tomorrow.


I had bought some new yarn (new as in I hadn’t bought it before) from Dharma for my last batch of natural dyeing. It seemed a tiny bit scratchy….

I was wondering how it would feel after being ‘fulled’…… would it still be scratchy?  So I wove what I refer to as a ‘Neck Blanket’…… just a loosely woven plain weave, leaving lots of room for ‘lofting/fluffing’ in the wash process.

It turned out wonderfully!!


Now to put another warp on, with colors that my ex might like, for part of his Christmas present!

Two New Shirts

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I made myself a couple of new silk tank tops to bring with me on vacation…..

This first one was a combination of black walnut leaves, snakeweed and baby silver dollar eucalyptus….. simmered for three hours in a black walnut dye bath (along with some more yarn).

The second was pressure cooker dyed with rose and baby eucalyptus leaves pressed between some tiles….. then dipped into an indigo vat. Not quite how I envisioned it, but I like it! Next time I think that I’ll do the shibori indigo first, so that I have a better idea for the leaf placement.