Two Little Scarves

Not feeling very wordy at the moment….. but I can still post photos of the two scarves I wove this ‘weekend’!!

The first one is just a plain weave scarf…… but lush colors and so so soft and warm!



And the second one is a collapse weave scarf. Made a few judgement errors on this one. I should’ve spaced the center wool stripe a bit more openly…… it was too tight and took FOREVER to collapse! I lost a lot of color in the extended long hot wash. It was supposed to be called ‘mirage’ with the dark rust giving the blue a hazy unreal feel. But it is instead called ‘unexpected delights’ because I like the way the colors faded and blended together!

IMG_2224And now…. back to tending my eco print scarves in the pot! ūüôā


It’s a good thing this scarf is for a tiny person!

Wanted to try out the new hemp yarn I bought….. and had a birthday present to make for my son’s girlfriend, who doesn’t like the ‘itch’ of wool! Perfect!

So I wove a collapse weave scarf using the hemp as the warp…. with stripes of a merino/silk bordered by a tiny mohair boucle. A shiny bright single ply silk was used as the weft.

The merino/silk shrunk up a lot more than I expected it too…. making the scarf fairly short. But she’s only 5 feet tall, so it should be okay.

If I had it to do over….. I would’ve made the scarf narrower, with only a single collapse stripe and ruffled edges. Will try to remember that for the next one I weave!

IMG_2157 IMG_2163 IMG_2164

Not much happened this ‘weekend’…..

I was down with some sort of bug. Slept all day Monday….. and have felt a bit ¬†out of sorts ever since.

Managed to put one warp on the loom…. and have another wound on the warping frame ready to go. Guess I’ll have to wait until this coming weekend to weave them off.

Did manage to make a funky little camera bag out of some eco printed wool blanket that I did a year or so ago…… for a little point and shoot camera I gave Jeph for his birthday today.

IMG_2155IMG_2156The lining is some eco print kimono silk…… and there is organic cotton batting sandwiched between the two layers. ¬†Partially machine sewn…. partially hand sewn.

Thrift shop sweater

….and the blues

The blues turned out brilliantly! I’m so happy with the dyes I bought from ¬†Blue Castle Fiber Arts! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†IMG_2143  or

I took the left over dye out of the pot and put it into my pressure cooker, along with a $6 wool sweater bundled around some old eucalyptus. ¬†I love the combined rust and blue colors!! I’ll let it rest for a week then wash it…. we’ll see how well the blue stays in since there was no mordant (actually I did throw an old rusty water faucet knob into the pot too…. hopefully there was enough iron leeching out to stabilize the blue!).


Just some photos of the dyeing I’m doing this week

madder, soapnut and cochineal….. the one second to the left will be over dyed at some point, it’s a bit too light for my taste.

indigo and turmericIMG_2134

….. isn’t it amazing how different fibers take up the colors? These were all in the same dye bath! Oh, I just read that and thought….. “What? You got oranges and greens out of the same dye bath?!” No…. two different dye bathes…… one green and one red/orange.


I’ve got some true blues going right now…. will post tomorrow.