Done in time for Christmas…..

It took me long enough to weave this little lap blanket!! Actually the weaving itself took no time at all. The spinning (not all of the warp is hand spun, but a good portion of it is), the dyeing, the procrastination, the baby, distractions. 😉

Woven double. Remembered to sley the fold side a bit more open…. but should’ve done it more so, there is a dark line running down the middle when I hold it up to the light. It had been a long time since I did any double weave. Only one mistake! A treadling one where I hooked the open side together in one spot…… silly me!

HUGE shrinkage!! The warp was 30 inches wide on the loom (60 open) and the finished width (after weaving and washing) is 50 inches. The length of the blanket went from 84 inches to 72 inches. If there was a hole in the middle, it would make the perfect poncho (size wise)!! A thing to remember when I go to weave a poncho or ruana.

All in all I am very pleased with it!!

Oh…. the yarn was mostly cochineal dyed, with some madder and brazilwood dyed yarns thrown in. The grey and light brown yarns are not dyed.IMG_3255 IMG_3256