Time for a ‘Give-Away’!

You remember the dress that I made for my son to use in a photo shoot?

It has been returned to me, and I’m giving it away!

It is a size ‘small’……. but remember, in ‘Tina Givens’ world, small is not so very small. I would definitely say that a medium sized lady could wear it with ease.

IMG_4046 cropped

Raw silk, printed with a variety of leaves. Not the most wonderful of sewing jobs (I was in a hurry)….. but definitely a fun dress to wear 😀

If you wanted to be entered into the drawing, leave a comment here. I will put all the names into a hat and draw one out on September 12th. Anyone, no matter where you live, is eligible to enter!

A tiny jacket for a tiny girl

Made Ellie a jacket this week…. it’s a size ‘2’ so she will have to grow into it!
Didn’t turn out as I expected it to…. but I like it!

Outer side is wool dyed with eucalyptus, onion skins and a scattering of turmeric. Lining is organic cotton dyed with indigo.

Probably should’ve ironed it before I took photos….. but was in a hurry to get to the post office before they closed.

IMG_4135 IMG_4137 IMG_4140

What to do when you’re home from work ‘sick’

You experiment on spraying catalpa leaves with iron water, and eco printing an old wool lap blanket!

I did make an error in judgement. I had accordion pleated the blanket, thinking that only one side was going to get printed….. silly me! The best prints are on the middle of the back side, with two unprinted panels bordering it. A learning experience.

IMG_4107 IMG_4108 IMG_4109 IMG_4110


Sometimes creases in the fabric don’t really detract from the overall design, they lend themselves to it. But in this case they do bother me a bit. I just couldn’t get the blanket to square up and lay flat. So it folded over on itself while I was rolling it up. I need to figure out some sort of clamping devise that will hold one end tight while I roll from the other end…. I think that would help somewhat.




And tomorrow it’s back to work….. 😦  I’d rather be home doing this!

Four ‘new’ shirts

From yesterday’s ‘teaser’……

I am really happy with three of the four shirts….. not bad! They are all thrift shop finds. Three are cotton and the fourth is linen.

I’ll show the linen one first, as it is my favorite!



My second favorite is a cotton tee-shirt.IMG_4101IMG_4104


And this cotton blouse turned out nicely….


And lastly, another cotton blouse…. not my favorite 😦   I had thought that I had wrapped it in a manor that the ruffle on the front would dye yellow, but only part of it did.


For some reason, my smoketree leaves didn’t make a very strong mark on any of the shirts. But with the addition of an iron dip, the guava leaves turned out nicely!

Next….. I have an old wool throw soaking, am going to try and give it a ‘new’ life!


A teaser

Unwrapped four bundles today that made me happy. Not just from their sunshiny coloring, but nice prints too!

Two were unwrapped as the sun was going down, the other two afterward, so I only have some quick shots of the first two.

Will post full shots of them all tomorrow!

IMG_4087 IMG_4088 IMG_4089 IMG_4090