Eco Print Dress For Ellie

Remember the fabric that I posted a couple of weeks ago? Some of it made it’s way into this little dress for Ellie!

I had bought a pattern from Tina Givens named “Ellie”…… how could I resist that!? Plus, it was on sale for only $2.50.

I admit that I modified it somewhat….. I left out the side panels that would’ve been in the purple cochineal fabric. It just seemed like too much dress for a wee little girl. I added the vintage lace around the neckline. Oh, and since I didn’t have any rings for the belt in the back, I turned it into a sash.

IMG_3871 IMG_3873

When I was showing Jeph the dress, after I had photographed it, I noticed a stain on the lace. My first reaction was…. “dang it!”, then I sighed and said “oh well”.

But his reaction was perfect! He said…. “that’s not a stain, that’s history!” A way better way of looking at it, wouldn’t you say?

IMG_3875 IMG_3876 IMG_3877 IMG_3878

I am heading to Portland this coming Tuesday, so won’t be posting anything for a couple of weeks. When I come back, perhaps I will have a photo of Ellie wearing her dress!