Corey’s Birthday Tees (and a couple more for Josephine)

The first shirt was dyed with brazil wood.  And the second had a dodder base color.

And then I made Josie two little shirts.

This first one was dyed in weld…. then with a shibori resist, place in the brazil wood dye bath. Finally it was eco printed with smoke tree leaves and plumes.

The next one was printed with eucalyptus, coreopsis and smoke tree…… with various rusty bits tossed in.

Bumper Crop of Coreopsis

Am so happy that I planted these seeds last fall. The plants are producing scads more flowers then when I plant them in the Spring.

This is a little organic flannel dress/jumper I just made for Eleanor. One of her favorite colors is purple….. so the first step was a shibori resist logwood bath.

I then placed coreopsis blossoms in the circles and covered them with round rusty screen pieces.

It’s a bit rustic looking…. but I’m quite happy with it!