Tablecloth for Lilly

I took the last of the eucalyptus I leaves gathered in California and dyed a small linen tablecloth for Lilly. She can use it for her table or perhaps use it for a curtain….. but if she wants to cut it up and make herself something from it, that would be okay too!

IMG_3667 IMG_3668 IMG_3670 IMG_3671 IMG_3672 IMG_3673 IMG_3675


And here are two more tee-shirts that I dyed last week.

IMG_3676 IMG_3678 IMG_3686 IMG_3683 IMG_3684 IMG_3685


I am torn between wanting to do more eco printing this ‘weekend’ and finishing up a couple of weaving projects. We’ll see which one wins! 🙂

P.S. I had a harebrained thought of taking a bus to Mendocino, and gathering more of the wonderful leaves I found in that area. But luckily for me, the bus doesn’t go there!!

Whirlwind Trip

It is stunning how a week can go by in the blink of your eyes! And even more odd how so little of that week remains clear in your memory!

I wonder why this is? Is it from driving hours and hours? A peculiar detachment from ‘losing’ your last child to a new home, hundreds of miles away?

I am happy for her. To be once again surrounded by her siblings (and new little niece). Family is important! But I feel rather hollow now….. hopefully it will pass, since there is little possibility that I will ever be able to join them in Oregon. The hole will not heal….. but perhaps I can fill it with distractions (art, movement, creations).

On to some photos!

This was our first ‘longer’ break, after driving since 8 p.m. the night before…… the sun was rising and Lilly had been seeing orchards that she wanted to photograph.

IMG_3447 IMG_3430 IMG_3442 IMG_3449

Then it was back into the car to drive some more!

We stopped in a small town called Los Banos for breakfast. That’s where I saw my first eucalyptus tree….. it was off in the distance. There was a distinctive deep red glow to it, and the elongated leaves intrigued me…… but I didn’t go gather any leaves 😦  Unfortunately that happened all too frequently. The seeing, without stopping to gather.

We stopped in Berkeley for a stretch and coffee. Crossed over the San Raphael bridge and stopped again for a few more photos. Then headed up the coast.

IMG_3491 IMG_3492 IMG_3489 IMG_3499 IMG_3501 IMG_3502 IMG_3510 IMG_3511 IMG_3519 IMG_3521

24 hours after we left from Arizona, we arrived at our first overnight resting spot. A placed called Sunlit Shanti, in Little River California. The location was heavenly….. pitch black night, soundless except for the chirping of frogs. A very comfortable little hut, with one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in! It was nestled in the midst of an organic farm. Supposed a B&B….. but we were not offered breakfast in the morning, only coffee or tea. Or maybe that second ‘B’ referred to beverage 😉

IMG_3538 IMG_3540 IMG_3541 IMG_3546 IMG_3543

On the road again…. we stopped in Fort Bragg for gas and breakfast, and a walk on the beach. I was told about a wonderful botanical garden there, after I returned, that I wish we had known about while we were there. Next visit?

IMG_3555 IMG_3556 IMG_3559 IMG_3566 IMG_3574

More driving. We kept passing HUGE eucalyptus trees….. but there were no convenient places to pull off of the road!! Finally Lilly saw a little spot and pulled over. I grabbed my bag and collected a few leaves. I would have collected a lot more, had I known at that time that this was the only stop we would be able to make.

We drove through a redwood tree.

IMG_3581 IMG_3590 IMG_3586

And continued on up the coast. Stopping in Brookings, Oregon for the night. It started to rain there, and continued all of the next day…..

Final stop….. Portland! Such a relief to get out of the car, knowing that you don’t have to immediately return to it!

IMG_3612 IMG_3616 IMG_3647 IMG_3651

Spent Thursday there, and flew home on Friday. Like I said… a whirlwind trip!

Jerome Dump

It’s hard to believe that I’ve lived in the Verde Valley for almost 32 years, and have never visited the old Jerome Dump before today!

To think of the times I’ve wandered around the desert around here, looking for rusty objects to add to my eco print bundles….. finding very little.  When just up the hill is a rust mecca!!

Lilly and I had a wonderful time.

IMG_3397 IMG_3405 IMG_3411 IMG_3413 IMG_3414 IMG_3420 IMG_3422Work for the next four days….. then after work on Sunday we are heading out on our road trip to Portland!

I’ll post photos of the trip when I get back on the 14th……