Made myself a new dress, and I just don’t like the way it feels on me 😦

“A Verb For Keeping Warm” pattern, bias cut medium/heavy weight hemp dress, dyed with madder and decorated with walnut ink circles. No pockets. Size Large (armpit to armpit measurement is almost 22 inches).

Drawing will be on June 16th. Open to everybody in the world! Just leave a comment saying you are interested and I will add your name to the ‘hat’.

verb dress.JPGbackside verb.JPGdetail verb.JPGverb detail.JPG

16 thoughts on “GIVE AWAY TIME!

  1. Oh, it‘s a pitty, Julie. I realy do like your handmade dress, especially because it is such a beautyful naturally dyed cloth. Sadly it‘s not my size.
    Take care, Birgit

    • Thank you Birgit.
      I was hoping it would look wonderful on me, as the cut is a bit more ‘sophisticated’ than my regular clothes (which are probably too young looking for an almost 62 year old woman!)
      But it just doesn’t feel right, and I know that I won’t wear it.
      hugs, Julie

  2. I am interested but I have to say that I am 75 and I wear clothing like that all the time. Otherwise, what should older women wear???

    • I agree that a person should wear what they love, and makes them happy. Perhaps I worded it incorrectly….. I was just saying that I would like to have some timeless classic dresses added to my wardrobe (like a simple A-line dress).
      You want to be added to the drawing? Is that what you meant by “I am interested” ?

  3. Beautiful, and simple design! This dress would be perfect for summer 💕 I’d love to add this to my closet!

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