Odds and Ends

I eco printed a silk slip for myself, for my upcoming trip to Portland….. it turned out okay, BUT it didn’t fit! Dang! I wonder if it was mislabeled? I bought the same size silk camisole, from the same place, and it fits well. Humm….

Here’s a photo of the slip (I haven’t photographed the camisole yet because I’m not sure if it’s ‘done’).

IMG_2672 IMG_2675


I also eco printed an organic cotton tank top with blackberry leaves, rose leaves and cotinus.  I don’t have a decent full shot of the shirt yet…. I may over print it.

IMG_2668 IMG_2669


And a thrift shop cotton skirt with black walnut leaves……

IMG_2663 IMG_2659 IMG_2657


As you can see, I still haven’t regained my ‘mojo’…. but after my vacation I fully expect it to be back! 🙂  Only a week and a half until the trip!! I’m so excited!