Precut fabric for Lilly…..

The thought is in the air for doing some collaborative projects….. with me dyeing the fabric and Lilly sewing it into one of a kind garments.

Here is a dress blank that I dyed for her, using a 100actsofsewing pattern. The photos are a bit ‘rough’ as I was trying to take photos quickly with a camera whose battery needed recharging (wanted to get the package in the mail today).

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Two Quick Scarves for co-workers’ birthday presents.

I guess ‘quick’ is a relative term…. between the mordanting, the shibori dyeing and then the printing, there was quite a lot of time put into them. One of them especially, as I ended up having to over print it.

This is the one that was over printed. My favorite of the two.

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And this was the second one….. not MY favorite, but Lilly and Jeph liked it. Looked too much like a Hawaiian shirt for me 😉

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Both are silk, mordanted with alum. Maple, cotinus, oak and redbud leaves were used.

Prints On Baby Corduroy!

I have been wanting to print some corduroy for quite some time, but it was hard to find organic corduroy. Finally found some at It’s pretty soft, and not really thick, so not sure how it will wear. But LOVED the way it printed!

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