Some recent projects

I set about to make a dress for my son Cooper to use in a photo shoot. I used a Tina Givens pattern, in a size small. Not sure what small thing it was meant to be for, as it seemed pretty big when I was finished. 🙂 But I was happy with the results!

IMG_4046 cropped


It will be interesting to see how he does a shoot with this!

Okay, my computer is acting wonky, and it’s taking WAY too long to down load photos to wordpress. Have to head to bed so that I can get up bright eyed and head to work in the morning. Will continue this in another entry tomorrow evening (hopefully).


7 thoughts on “Some recent projects

  1. Julie, your dress is so beautiful. I really love the chocolate brown hem, it sets all the colors off so nicely. You just keep getting better and better at what you do. Hugs and love on this summer day.

    • Thank you Sheri!
      I had a hard time liking this dress (I do like it now!)…… what I had planned for it, and what turned out, are miles apart. Had wanted a dress primarily printed with rose leaves, with a few coreopsis yellow spots thrown in. With a yellow turmeric border. It was meant for Lilly’s mag, with Cooper shooting it, for her ‘green’ issue.
      The top part dyed beautifully….. but the two (yes, there were originally two skirts to it) parts didn’t print well. Was bummed. Thought about over printing the skirts, but was afraid that they would turn out too dark…. so I set those pieces aside to use on a quilt at some point. And tried again. Still not what I was hoping for, but decided they would ‘do’.
      Meanwhile the dye in the pot turned into a not so wonderful brassy yellow, so I dumped in a leftover pot of St. John’s Wort and came up with the wonderful rusty brown color you see.
      Thanks for saying that I’m getting better and better…… I can’t see it, but your words make me happy 🙂
      Love you

      • We are our own harshest critics, are we not? Julie, to my eye, this is your best one yet! I love the effect of the dark brown line where bodice meets skirt, then half way down, another brown horizontal line and then further down, the bottom hem of brown. (Does your sewing machine make that fancy stitch on your hem or is that hand stitching? Love it.) The sides of the skirt are amazing with the way the string tie lines go from bodice to hem!! That is a very special feature. I think it is a fabulous frock from all of the beautiful dyed plants and colors on it to the pattern to the quality of your sewing. (very nice work on the seam bindings) I always look forward to your postings and what you are creating. Thanks so much for sharing. xox ps….the rose leaves are so delicate and beautiful.

  2. Julie, I love the pattern, enlarged the photo, the pattern is so intricate. The green is quite defined and the orange here and here makes it all sing. Very nice work again.

    • Thank you so much Monika, such kind words!
      You notice that I didn’t use the coreopsis dyed strips? I would have, had the rest of the fabric come out as expected….. now I’ll just save them for some other project. 😀

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