A little yarn dyeing between eco prints

Am a bit in limbo, between making my slip dresses and starting a project for Lilly’s magazine. So thought that I’d get some yarn dyed!

The first skein was out of some horsetail that I collected on my trip to Portland. Not a very bold color 🙂  But a nice pale peachy yellow that will blend in well with my other colors.


Then two skeins dyed with Saint John’s Wort…… love the shade of green I got from it! There are some small patches of red here and there amongst the green…. not enough to bother me.



Two skeins with Hibiscus.


And finally, tried to dye with eucalyptus leaves again. The first time I tried, a couple of years ago, I didn’t get anything spectacular. But am happy with this color. Picking all of the chopped up leaf pieces out of the yarn, the ones that wouldn’t shake out, isn’t going to be any fun though!


All of the colors look nice together. But then, most naturally dyed colors seem to blend together well in my opinion.


And finally…. a teaser.  two pieces of raw silk that were dyed/eco printed in the left over Saint John’s Wort pot. The flowers are coreopsis from my garden.


Now….. back to my project for Lilly’s magazine!

Oh….. in case you missed her first issue, here is a link!




4 thoughts on “A little yarn dyeing between eco prints

  1. Oh, Julie. Your hand dyed yarn colors are so earthy and delicious. So are your silks! What do you have planned for all that gorgeous yarn? Whatever it is, it will be very beautiful. How was your trip to Portland? Hopefully it was heaven for you. Lots of love, Sheri

    • Hi Sheri,
      Thanks!! 😀
      No specific plans for the yarn yet, it will find it’s way into something 🙂
      My trip to Portland was wonderful, and too short. I am always happy to be around the kids, and little Ellie is changing so rapidly! Just within the week that I was there I could watch her mind expanding as she grasped new ideas and put them into action.
      I didn’t get a chance to try the dress on Ellie….. it’s HUGE compared to her petite little body. Hopefully, when she grows into it, somebody will send me a photo!
      Warm Hugs and Lots of Love to you too!!

  2. I love these colours, mine are all muted and subtle and pales :). They would make the most timeless wrap. The print from coreopsis is impressive, such vivid colour, can’t wait to see what you turn it into. ox

    • Thank you Monika!
      I’m not sure what I’ll turn the yarns into….. just having fun dyeing them 🙂
      The coreopsis print had originally been slated to use on a dress that I’m making for Cooper… for a photo shoot. BUT the rest of the fabric I dyed just doesn’t go with it (not really happy with the printing on the fabric 😦 ) So it will have to use it sometime in the future.

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