What to do when you’re home from work ‘sick’

You experiment on spraying catalpa leaves with iron water, and eco printing an old wool lap blanket!

I did make an error in judgement. I had accordion pleated the blanket, thinking that only one side was going to get printed….. silly me! The best prints are on the middle of the back side, with two unprinted panels bordering it. A learning experience.

IMG_4107 IMG_4108 IMG_4109 IMG_4110


Sometimes creases in the fabric don’t really detract from the overall design, they lend themselves to it. But in this case they do bother me a bit. I just couldn’t get the blanket to square up and lay flat. So it folded over on itself while I was rolling it up. I need to figure out some sort of clamping devise that will hold one end tight while I roll from the other end…. I think that would help somewhat.




And tomorrow it’s back to work….. 😦  I’d rather be home doing this!


8 thoughts on “What to do when you’re home from work ‘sick’

    • Thanks Monika! 😀
      I wasn’t sure if I could get catalpa leaves to print, although I’d thought I had seen Irit use them at some point in time. And I have this volunteer catalpa trying to grow up along the side of the house….. with the largest almost heart shaped leaves! So I cut the leaves off and sprayed them with a bit of iron water….. and the result was awesome!
      I need to cut the tree down (again) …… before it ruins my roof. So will use the rest of he leaves in a future project.

    • Thank you Terriea 🙂
      I actually got the idea of using the catalpa leaves from an old post of Irit’s, and decided to try out the method of lightly spraying the leaves with iron water from your blog about your workshop with her! So thank YOU very much!!
      I tend to be afraid of iron water….. I’ve had so many disastrous experiences in the past (turning things black). But the spray bottle seemed like a nice ‘light handed’ approach….. and it worked!! 😀

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