Four ‘new’ shirts

From yesterday’s ‘teaser’……

I am really happy with three of the four shirts….. not bad! They are all thrift shop finds. Three are cotton and the fourth is linen.

I’ll show the linen one first, as it is my favorite!



My second favorite is a cotton tee-shirt.IMG_4101IMG_4104


And this cotton blouse turned out nicely….


And lastly, another cotton blouse…. not my favorite 😦   I had thought that I had wrapped it in a manor that the ruffle on the front would dye yellow, but only part of it did.


For some reason, my smoketree leaves didn’t make a very strong mark on any of the shirts. But with the addition of an iron dip, the guava leaves turned out nicely!

Next….. I have an old wool throw soaking, am going to try and give it a ‘new’ life!



10 thoughts on “Four ‘new’ shirts

    • That little shibori square is always one of my favorite features of eco printing. I’ve had people write to ask me on how to dye something without those lines…. and I say why? It looks so cool!

  1. I am with you, I love the lines and completely different look from tying/dyeing from the rest of the piece. I love the yellow parts on the blouses and I absolutely love love how the ruffled turned out. I even love how it is not dyed fully, such great random marks. I like the ruffle itself very much, must make myself a blouse with ruffle or at least a bow tie :).

    • Thank you dear Monika!
      I like ruffles too!
      And I like polka dots…… do you think it would be weird to cut a bunch of eucalyptus leaves into circles, to make dots? I’m contemplating it.
      Oh…. I just discovered that there is a Folkwear pattern for a Mexican dress! I’ve been looking for one for years! I ordered it….. and will translate it into an eco print dress! I’m excited! Maybe I could use the polka dots on that one, for the bodice, and do shibori stripes for the body of the dress!
      We’ll see!

      • By all means do polka dots, Julie! The leftover you could dry and crush and dust over the piece. I see you have a collection forming here 🙂 x

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