Tricking the printer….

I’ve found if I quickly plug in my camera’s memory card, before the printer remembers it’s not working….. I can down load photos! πŸ™‚

I wanted to post photos of Raggedy Ellie. She is now residing in Portland, with her new companion (who tries to eat her).

Remember the first photo?


Then she got hair….. madder dyed alpaca.


And clothes…. first her dress and bloomers


Then her apron


It was fun making her for Ellie…… and making it all out of naturally dyed and eco printed materials.

Here she is with her namesake…..

Ellie trying to eat Raggedy

I have also been dyeing some raw silk, for dresses. Β Although, I dyed them before I got my ‘Tina Givens’ patterns…. and there is going to have to be some creative piecing, to get the fabric to fit the patterns. Silly me. Next time I’ll wait until the patterns arrive before dyeing/printing the fabric!

The solid colors are from cochineal and avocado pits (purple) and turmeric/soapnut (yellow)





This one I had rolled in an old window screen, hoping to get some cool rust patterns in it. Almost worked. I think that the screen was too fine. Next time I’ll use screening with a larger mesh.



I have also dyed an old cotton tee-shirt (which I am wearing right now) and another sleeveless silk shirt and a long raw silk shift. Will get photos of all of these in the next post. Hopefully along with the dress, or dresses, that the above silk is destined for!



14 thoughts on “Tricking the printer….

  1. Very cool! And nice that you can trick that silly printer! I do want to ask where that silk shirt is that I gave to you to dye so long ago πŸ˜‰ I was wishing I had it to wear the other day! Have you done anything with it? Maybe print her up with turmeric, call it yellow, and send it my way! eheh

    • Thanks!
      I’m heading up to Portland next month….. I’ll give her a nibble (the baby NOT the doll!) and let you know if she’s a sweet as she looks! πŸ˜€
      Hummm….. maybe I could use the wool that I printed for that skirt, and never sewed up, for a dress! Have to see if there’s enough!

    • That’s a good idea. I’ve done that in the past….. or completely sewn the item and then printed it.
      I was just feeling impatient, the patterns were taking a long time to get here and I wanted to do some dyeing! πŸ™‚
      Thanks! I hope that Ellie loves the doll…. once she gets over the trying to eat everything that she can grab on to!

      • I got a bit overwhelmed with the babywearing thing so had to slow that down a bit (I had a huge custom list I had to close) but I am just about back to normal again (whatever that is). Still weaving every day and now Lauren is setting up a business weaving etc too, as her day job. No, we havent moved yet – still trying to sell but the by-pass crossing our land is a bit of an issue. You’re doing lovely work Julie.

    • Thanks!
      My kids think that I should make more, and sell them. I said ‘no thanks’ πŸ˜€
      Although I am kind of missing my etsy shop…….. I’ll see what I make this summer, and if there are enough interesting things, perhaps I will reopen the shop this fall. Perhaps.

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