I’ve been working on a dress for Lilly’s magazine….. the theme of her first issue is “Yellow”.

I have the fabric that I dyed last week (with turmeric/soapnut)…… A good jumping off point! And I have a new pattern by Tina Givens.

You can see her patterns here:

An all yellow dress is a bit much for me. So I eco printed some strips to add contrast in the ruffles. And this is what I came up with. I’m happy with it!


The yellow is mellow, sort of a light ochre.


The little bit of eucalyptus dyed ruffle helps break up the monotony of the yellow (yes, it’s true, I’m not a ‘yellow’ person!)

But the fun thing is…. I had made a long shift dress a few weeks ago. I wasn’t happy with the eco printing, it was much too light. (I am planning on over printing it, when the leaves gather in a bit more pigment). This shift was on my dress form  and I threw the new dress over it yesterday  while we had company over for dinner. And I loved the way the two looked together!!

IMG_3807 IMG_3809

😀 now I have to figure out how to make an interesting photograph of the dress, for the magazine! With a real person in it…. probably me.

I also have cut out a little dress for Ellie. From two of the fabrics I posted last week. It will be interesting to see if the cochineal/avocado dyed purple fabric changes color when her nappies overflow!



10 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. Congratulations, Julie!! Your yellow dress is fabulous. The color, the pattern, (love her patterns, heard about her from you…thanks), the ruffles, the hemming on the ruffles, everything!!! It is perfect and will look so beautiful in Lilly’s magazine. Is the dress body raw silk? It has a beautiful texture from what I can see in the photos. Thanks for sharing this amazing creation with us. Love you, xox

    • Thanks Sheri!!
      I will admit, the ruffles were a challenge for me. I am used to orderly gathering…. not random pleating, and my mind kept saying “but they aren’t evenly placed!!” It was hard for me to do…. at first.
      I haven’t washed the dress yet, the eco print strips were just done yesterday and I want to leave them at least a week before washing. When I do wash it, the edges of the ruffles will fray out. Am interested in seeing how that looks!
      Oh… yes, it is raw silk. I made a big sale at work, and with the bonus I got from it I bought a bolt of raw silk from Dharma. Of course, now I wish that I’d bought linen instead. I like the hand, and look, of linen better than raw silk. But. of course, silk is easier to dye.
      Love you too!
      Big Hugs!!

    • Thank you Beth!
      I just ordered 10 skeins of organic wool yarn from Full Belly Farm, so I can be putting yarn into the dye pot while I’m eco printing! Seemed silly not to be building up my naturally dyed yarn stash this summer.
      Speaking of talented…. you are!! More so than me!

  2. The dress is very sweet, Julie, I would love to see you in it. I also noticed the bottom dress on the dummy on Flickr and liked the layering and the colors. The yellow and purples? look very good together.

    • Monika….. I am so sorry that I didn’t respond to this when you wrote it….. but for some reason I wasn’t notified that you had written a comment. I just found it now! Silly WordPress.
      Thanks for your compliment! I love yellow and purple together, like pansies. I’ve been wearing the dress a lot…. it makes me happy!
      I am going to try making a dress for Cooper to use for a photoshoot, for Lilly’s August issue of her magazine. The theme is “Green”….. so thought about printing it with just rose leaves.
      Also, Lilly wants me to do a piece on eco printing. I will have to think of what to do for that…..

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