Out of Commission

…. hopefully for not too much longer!

Our printer died a couple of weeks ago. It’s been in the shop and we thought that it would be back by now…… however they called today and said that it isn’t possible to fix it (they don’t make the parts anymore). Sigh. We have only had it for two years!

Until we can buy a new printer, I won’t be able to upload any photos of what I’ve been working on.

On another note. My daughter Lilly has started an on-line magazine called “Novus”. She posted her pilot issue last week. This issue is primarily photographs that she and her brother Cooper have taken. She has a ‘call out’ for submissions for her premier/first issue. The theme is ‘yellow’. Here is a link to it;


If you are bothered by female nudity, be forewarned, there is some. And the story that is in it may be considered offensive (or perhaps I am just an old lady?).



4 thoughts on “Out of Commission

    • Dearest Monika… you’re home! ❤
      I have been making things….. not all have turned out to my liking (as far as the eco printing is concerned) Maybe the new leaves have to mature a bit more….. the prints have been a bit weak. But I'm plugging away at it every weekend! So by the time we get our new printer I should have a lot of photos to post!

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