Modified Dress

This is another take on Sew Liberated’s  Metamorphic Dress.

Again I used only the under dress (like I did for my give away dress). But sized down the top and narrowed the shoulders. Kept the skirt the same larger size, so there would be a bit more fullness. Added a bodice lining.

Much happier with this one! 🙂

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White linen fabric dyed with weld. Over dyed with cochineal using ‘shibori’ resists.

Printed with Liquid Amber, guava and gingko leaves…..with a sprinkling of logwood and turmeric .



Precut fabric for Lilly…..

The thought is in the air for doing some collaborative projects….. with me dyeing the fabric and Lilly sewing it into one of a kind garments.

Here is a dress blank that I dyed for her, using a 100actsofsewing pattern. The photos are a bit ‘rough’ as I was trying to take photos quickly with a camera whose battery needed recharging (wanted to get the package in the mail today).

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For as blah as I found my yarns, the shawl turned out beautifully! And it was the perfect quick project to ‘prime the pump’ and make me want to begin weaving again.

Yawn…. had set my alarm early, so that I could get up and do some pruning in the yard before the big red ants woke up. But then I woke up an hour and a half BEFORE my alarm went off! So it might be nap time now.

…… will have to find somebody cheap to haul off all of the bamboo I’ve been cutting out. It’s too expensive to keep it nice and green (since they tripled the water costs about 5 years ago)….. and it just seems like a fire hazard with how hot and windy it’s been here in Arizona!Image

A madder of interest…..

Or not.

I decided that it was time to begin weaving some of my natural dyed yarns. So I gathered them together and said….. “Blah”!!  Which surprised me, since as I was dyeing them I looked at each one with delight and happiness.

Oh well, I need to prime the pump and get back into weaving, so this is a good one to start with. I can always increase my color palette as the summer continues!