This was the first eco print of the season.

I modified this dress  by only making the under dress  and lining the  bodice.

The sewing job is not the best…..was hurriedly trying to finish it to wear on my birthday (didn’t end up wearing it…..because it is too big)

The biggest mistake was over estimating my size….. made the size 18! And it is too big on me. So it is now up for grabs, if anybody wants it. I will put names in a hat, if I get more than one person interested, a have a drawing on the forth of July.

Linen dyed with kamala. Over dyed, using resists, with madder. Bodice lining is linen dyed with madder.

For the contact prints… I used japanese knotweed leaves, cottonwood leaves and guava leaves on the skirt. The bodice has an unknown desert plant and maple seed ‘wings’.

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It is a bit pale for my liking…. but perhaps somebody will like it! 🙂



12 thoughts on “GIVE AWAY TIME!!

  1. Hi my dear Julie. Your work is completely different from the last time I saw a post. About a million years ago. It is amazing and wish I could sit with you and ask you how in the heck did you do that. Love you. Your dress is beautiful. Belated Happy Birthday. ❤

  2. I had to switch to my laptop to really see this. The prints are stunning. I have not used my Japanese indigo leaves for eco printing but have used woad leaves, which produced a clear Burgundy that is stable. I also adore that pattern!

  3. Dear Julie, I don’t have another email address for you but here so I want to share some info I got in my Facebook feed this morning. India Flint is offering her second online class. I took her first class called Alchemists Apron and it was truly wonderful. I wanted you to see this knowing you are a fan. She no longer teaches in the US so online is it. I copied and will paste here. There was a beautiful photo that came along with message but it didn’t copy here. xox

    ‎India Flint‎ to India Flint wanderings and workshops
    2 hrs ·
    Preparations for my next online class “conscious clothing” are steaming along nicely and I am hoping to open it for enrolments later this week, with the first session being available on July 9.

    It occurred to me that it would be useful for students to be able to access a wee book that I put together a few years ago, so I’ve been tweaking that to make it downloadable in the first session. (that’s the cover image below)

    The course runs over nine weeks and you can make as many (or as few) of the suggested garments as you like…

    The investment will be AUD$369 which, if you’re in the USA, boils down to about $271 in greenbacks (depending on the exchange rate of the day)

    Will you be wanting a dedicated FB group, do you think? (You can post questions and photos on the class site also…)

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