“Matching” outfits for the granddaughters…. sort of.

This little project started out as a skirt for Eleanor. But there were left over pieces big enough to cut out a jumper for Josephine …… so I thought, matching outfits! Especially as they will be seeing each other this weekend.

I am hoping for a “COUSINS” photoshoot by Lilly!!

Organic cotton baby corduroy . Shibori dyed with Lac…. sprinkled with turmeric and logwood. Redbud, liquid amber and purple carrots.

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Jo and Ellie in their latest eco prints

photo by Lillian Short (edited a tiny bit by me)



7 thoughts on ““Matching” outfits for the granddaughters…. sort of.

  1. Julie, your little skirt and jumper are adorable and so fantastic in design and color. Lucky granddaughters. A boy?? Who is having a boy? Congratulations to all. Sewing boy clothes will open up a whole new learning curve. Love you, Julie.

    • Thank you sweetie….
      Both girls are pregnant. Lilly’s is due in March (unknown gender as yet) and Emily’s (little junior jones–inside joke) is due in December. They each say… two babies and then we are stopping. Cooper wants no children…..but adores being the doting playful uncle.

      • Julie!!!!!! What fantastic news. Four grandchildren. You must be in heaven. That will be a lot of sewing. How fun to have sisters pregnant at the same time. Still grinning. Love you and hope all is going well in your life and that you are still studying and having fun with your herbal school. xox

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