Prints On Baby Corduroy!

I have been wanting to print some corduroy for quite some time, but it was hard to find organic corduroy. Finally found some at It’s pretty soft, and not really thick, so not sure how it will wear. But LOVED the way it printed!

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11 thoughts on “Prints On Baby Corduroy!

    • Thank you Birgit!
      Baby cord is fairly smooth…. not like a wide wale corduroy (that would be fun to try too!). I also want to print some organic cotton velveteen. There are so many things to try still….. should keep me going for years 🙂

      • May I ask how you prepare the cloth? I tryed tannin from the Tara tree (Cesalpina spinosa) and alum on linen and cotton cloth before dyeing but the shapes are not that clear and deep.

    • I believe that I used alum, with an after dip in calcium carbonate (you can use wheat bran water instead). I sometimes soak the cloth in soy milk too, after the first process.
      I think the secret to clear prints is in the bundling… it needs to be very tight!

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