Emily’s Deconstructed Dress

Not sure if the word ‘deconstructed’ is actually what I want to call it. ‘Decayed’ perhaps? Like a painted wall that has undergone weather and time….

I started out with weld, then over dyed with brazil wood (the last of my old old stash). And, as with all the things I have shibori dyed…. the two sides are different, even though I thought that I had folded them the same (in the future I will lay the pieces out side by side and fold them in unison).

Next I placed leaves on the top….. mostly cotinus, but with a large Japanese knot wood leaf in the center of the front top. I then liberally covered the tops sections with cotinus ‘fluff’ and the lower halves with tamarisk. Over all I placed  rust cloths.

The top turned out like I had planned…. sort of. But the tamarisk did not. Had been going for the finer lines/dots that I have gotten in the past.

A nice dress to wear during pregnancy.

😦 BUT it seems to have gotten lost in the mail 😦  Along with Eleanor’s purple/coreopsis dress.  I have a trace on the package…. and haven’t given up hope that it will arrive some day. But am sad at the moment.


11 thoughts on “Emily’s Deconstructed Dress

    • I hope so! It’s just left Sioux Falls ND…. after bouncing all around Arizona, then heading to California where it stalled out for a few days.
      Yes… Emily is pregnant with her second. So Eleanor will be getting a little brother in December 😀

  1. I love this! Seriously it is lost in the mail? Sometimes a call to the postmaster at the last known leg of the journey will get results. I Described the package and it was found. Someone’s label had torn and stuck over mine worth a try!

  2. Hi Julie. It is such beautiful work that you do. I love all of the images posted above. Congratulations! A brother for Eleanor. How exciting!! Your package ordeal, uggg. It must be on summer vacation, traveling around the country, taking its sweet time. I miss being more connected to you. I guess I could actually write or email but you know how that goes. Love you always. Boy clothes, boy clothes 🙂

    • I miss being more connected to you dearest Sheri!! And yes…. we could e-mail, or write, but probably won’t. Sigh.
      The package finally made it there yesterday….. guess it took one look at North Dakota and thought it was time it made it’s way to Portland. Emily says that Ellie immediately put her purple dress on and wore it to dinner 🙂
      Boy clothes will be simpler ….. tank tops and corduroy pants. I’ve been wanting to eco print corduroy for quite some time (ha ha… not that I couldn’t do that for the girls!)
      Love you too…. for ever and ever!!

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