The last of the Persian Berry….

Not sure when I will decide to splurge on more Persian Berry. ALTHOUGH a little does go a long way!

Dyed three shirts this time. Two for the rug rats and one for me.

The two for the girls were pretty basic. Dyed the shirts with the Persian Berry then overlaid them with smoke tree  leaves and ‘flowers’, guava and some little dried out eucalyptus leaves. The smoke tree leaves printed green!! What a magical delight!

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Then I went on to make my shirt. A little more complex process.

Took the Persian Berry dyed shirt and shibori dyed it in Black Walnut. It was not quite what I wanted…. not enough contrast. So while the tiles were still clamped on, I dipped it into an indigo* vat. Yes! Contrast!!

I then took smoke tree leaves and flowers and printed them in the yellow resisted areas. I am pretty happy with the outcome!

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*This is the last time I will use pre-reduced indigo. I had no idea that it was synthetic, and not just indigo made easy 😦  So this summer I will make a fructose indigo vat….because I have many ideas percolating in my head that need indigo.



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