Shibori Number 2……

……. I can honestly admit that I am not very good at this! Just need to practice and practice.

This tunic was first dyed with Persian Berries….. a delightful yellow! IMG_3769.JPG

Then I folded and clamped it and dropped it into a madder bath. Since I didn’t use a resist, other than the clamp, I was afraid that the madder would seep too far into the folded areas. But no, it didn’t even travel into the fabric as much as I had hoped/planned.  And the handles of the clamps left dark spots here and there (that, or there were undissolved clumps of madder at the bottom of the pot).

tunic top.JPG

Not so great. I will wear it as is for now…… but when the leaves are finally out and I can do some contact printing, I may play around with it again. OR my mind has been wanting to do some screen printing with natural dyes, so this piece may turn into the guinea pig for that.

I dyed some linen pants and a tee-shirt in the the same madder pot…. to wear along with it ….. but wasn’t thinking ahead, to correctly have them blend with the tunic I should have dyed them with the Persian Berries first, then over dyed them with the madder. But luckily they look nice with another tunic I already had.

Then….. as Josephine’s 1st birthday is coming up…… I made her a Raggedy Josephine doll.


Looks a lot like her cousin’s doll. This one has a dress made out of one of my favorite linen shirts that was getting too raggedy to wear…. but her apron and panties are eco print, as is her body. Her hair is madder dyed wool and her face embroidery is using naturally dyed silk thread.


6 thoughts on “Shibori Number 2……

    • It is a glorious yellow!! Loved the Persian Berries…. sort of expensive, so might have a hard time rationalizing buying it again. I got this with a Christmas coupon Emily gave me.
      The basic squares are even….. but was hoping for an all over pattern like the upper right hand side. But that’s okay…. I sort of like the ‘deconstructed/decayed’ feeling of the incomplete patterning.
      Over dyeing it with indigo would make it suit my complexion better… but must admit that I’ve been having fun wearing it this way for now. Perhaps in the future when I want to change it up a bit?

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