Playing around with Shibori

I think of this as my Rorschach Clown dress….. didn’t quite turn out as my mind’s eye saw it.

Dyed the linen with madder, then folded the fabric, used old C.D.s  as a resist, and dipped in indigo. I either used too much fabric, or the rubber band ties were too tight, but there are not as many round shapes as I was expecting/hoping for.

It’s a Sonya Phillip’s pattern

,with added internal pockets (somehow external patch pockets seem too juvenile for an old lady….. meaning me).

Dipped a tee-shirt in indigo to wear under it.



Lilly walked me through a more complicated method of getting my photos into a format where they would once again upload….. Thanks Lilly!!


10 thoughts on “Playing around with Shibori

  1. Wow, Julie. You have such an interesting pattern going on there. It is really quite beautiful. It looks like a comfy and dreamy garment. Thanks so much for sharing story and photos. xox

      • Yes…. the same pattern I used for your ‘pregnancy’ dresses. And my eco print dress from last year. Also the same pattern that I shortened to make the yellow and orange tunic that I’m working on…. the one that I would like to do some screen printing on (but probably won’t).

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