Time to start again

Let’s see if I can remember how!

When I closed my FaceBook account, I promised to start writing my blog again, to keep in touch with my friends…… and to share what I am doing in my ‘creative’ life.

A quick start. Two little organic cotton tee-shirts for my grand-daughters.

My stock of leaves in the refrigerator were all moldy…… my sinuses were not happy! The only leaves that weren’t, were my liquidambar . Luckily, my geranium outside, which hadn’t even been watered in months, still had a quantity of leaves on it (why it wasn’t dead is a leafy miracle!) And of course the guava is evergreen. And I still had maple leaves in the freezer from a couple of years ago.

I dyed with shirts with lac. Then a layer of leaves. Sprinkled with logwood and turmeric and covered with a rust cloth. Steamed for an hour.

I’d forgotten how frustratingly slow the photos upload here 😦 And not only that….. I keep getting an ‘error’ message, and am told to ‘try again’….. sigh. Will post this for now, and try to go back and edit some photos in later.

For Josephine I used geranium and guava leaves. This photo was taken by Lilly and sent to me 😀


And for Eleanor I used maple and liquidambar.


12 thoughts on “Time to start again

  1. I have missed you. Looking forward to seeing the photos of your latest little tee-shirts. I hope all is well in your world. xox

    • I’m missing you too sweet lady!
      Yesterday was great…. dyed and printed tee-shirts, made my kids Valentine’s Day cards, and did my taxes. Today has been a frustrating day….. but some of it has worked itself out. Just not the photo situation …… and the shirts are in the mail, so can’t take more photos. But it seems odd that the photos from BOTH my cameras won’t upload (if that is the correct word)…. they are all on my computer.
      Ah well.
      xx Hugs xx

    • I’m happy to be back amongst friends 😀
      There will be photos eventually….. my daughter just told me that I probably need to upgrade my browser. Tried to do that, but I need Jeph’s password and he’s in Europe for 3 weeks.

  2. I thought of you yesterday, as I visited a textiles and quilt museum with a new friend. So good to see you here, again! did you know we’ve moved to Seattle? So far, we’re loving it.
    I look forward to seeing pictures of your work, and of your grands, I hope!

    • I did see you had finally moved to Seattle! You looked SO happy in your blog post.
      I am looking forward to writing more here….. but it’s frustrating when the photos don’t load. Jeph’s touring in Europe for a few weeks, and have to wait for his return to get the code to upgrade the computer system……. then I think I’ll be able to post photos.
      If you look on Instagram at shortbabyjo…. you can see photos of Josephine. She is a cutie!

  3. Dear Julie, I only learned about you blogging again today when I noticed a link on your IG account. So nice to see again glimpses of your work. Josephine is so adorable and the tee shirt perfect. Great print and colours.

    • My dear Monica,
      When I was leaving Facebook I promised to start up the blog again. Just in case anybody was interested in what I’m doing. I’ve not very diligent about it….. but a lot has been happening here lately, taking up my ‘creative’ time. Hopefully when I get back from Portland (am heading that way for Easter) work will be back to normal and I’ll be making things again.
      Josephine is a sweetie! So animated and smiley. Hard to believe she is a year old already!
      Thanks for the nice words!
      Love you!

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