Update to my last rambling….

Here is the blouse I mentioned I was making.

Raw silk fabric sent to me by a dear friend….. it had been dipped into the ocean and soaked in soy milk.

I printed with with eucalyptus leaves, that another friend brought me from a trip she just made to southern California. Half of the leaves were dipped into iron water, and the other half were dipped into rust/egg water.

The ruffle and bundle were dyed in a walnut dye bath.






6 thoughts on “Update to my last rambling….

  1. Beautiful, so exciting that you can get such variety of colours just by changing the dip! I love how you used leaves on the stem, not just individual leaves. Is it cotinus in the background? Mine has got just buds…:) (looking at the date you posted this just tells me how behind I am with everything on-line…) Love, M.

    • Thanks Dear!
      I was intrigued too….. wondering if there would be a significant difference between the two dips. There is some, enough to make me happy!
      Yes… my smoke trees are all leafed out! 😀 only one of them produces the nice ‘blooms’. I dipped the blooms in iron water and dyed with them on some handwoven fabric…. loved the results!

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