Whiling away the time….

Took a tumble on the stairs at work yesterday, nothing major, just missed the bottom step. But whacked my arm pretty hard and it swelled up impressively 😀 Got to come home, and stay home again today. Hopefully I will be back to work tomorrow….. I’m planning on it, but it all depends on what the boss says. She wanted me to go in for an ex-ray, but everybody who has looked at it seems to think it’s just a bad contusion and not a broken arm (I even called the doctor who treated my broken arm a couple of years ago and he seems to think, from what I told him and no loss of mobility, that it is in all likelihood not broken)….. I am not in a hurry to waste money and time in Urgent Care.

Other than that little boo-boo life is good! I got into a class/workshop with Irit Dulman this summer in Portland!! Yippee!! A double blessing since I will also get to spend time with my kids and my little grand daughter (who is growing like a weed and changing by the moment!).

I think that the workshop with Irit will propel me into another level of eco printing. I’m okay at it, but she is so far ahead of me that I will come away will a new fervor and momentum. PLUS, she is more discriminate with her leaves….. a discussion we had a few years ago. I tend to pour the leaves onto the fabric, like fallen leaves on the forest floor, while she seems more contemplative with her placement.

Here are a few of my latest eco print scarves……

This one is handwoven out of raw silk, then eco printed. I thought about over printing it, it seems a bit insipid to me, but Jeph talked me out of it.



And these two are more circular sanded silk charmeuse scarves.


I am also working on a top for myself….. it’s almost done. And a purse…. ha ha ha, the purse is taking it’s time. I wove a length of fabric out of hemp, cottolin and raw silk…… making 4 inch squares down the middle that would just be raw silk, that I then eco printed. All went well so far. BUT I am finding myself spatially challenged with the folding up of the fabric (turning it into the purse). It’s the purse that was found here  http://donisdelis.blogspot.com/2009/01/little-tutorial.html  AND I have made it before, although it has been a few years. Each time I make it, I find myself scratching my head and thinking “huh?” You would think that it would come back to me….. 🙂 it will!


10 thoughts on “Whiling away the time….

  1. Me too (re forest floors! Mostly my style too! Sorry about your arm boo-boo and I hope you are right and no x rays or other Big Treatments will be necessary.. You likely have seen iris’s Uruguay students’ -it reminded me how spatially challenging it is for me to fold stuff..so I will b interested to see how you work on what sounds like an amazing woven piece..will click and look in a minute..Always love to see your work!

    • I did see Irit’s Uruguay photos…… some of those prints blew me away!! I’m getting SO excited by the nearing of my workshop!!
      I will post photos of the woven/printed purse, when/if I can remember how to fold it! I lay out the fabric like her diagram…… and fold pin and scratch my head. so funny!
      🙂 and I will always be a forest floor leaf scatterer……. but it would be nice to do the other too!
      I’m sure my arm is fine….. can’t figure out why my boss won’t let me come back to work yet, it’s silly.

  2. I can’t wait to see what you do after the class, I know you will learn and then do it your way. I wish you soon recover from the fall, your precious hands!!

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