Re-opening my etsy shop?

Am not quite sure about this… it’s still in the contemplation stage.

Oh? Really? I listed a piece of eco printed fabric today… dipping my toes into the water of indecision.

Not sure that I want to have the hassle of shop upkeep again….. maybe just post a thing here and there? Would it be worth it? Guess I will find out.

Here is what I posted. A piece of eco printed wool fabric, measuring 54 by 68 inches.

IMG_1149 IMG_1150 IMG_1151 IMG_1152 IMG_1153 IMG_1154 IMG_1155 IMG_1156


Eucalyptus and madder prints…. with a sprinkling of turmeric around them. Bundled and boiled in ย indigo/soapnut bath.


15 thoughts on “Re-opening my etsy shop?

  1. Oh my, that’s a beauty! Hi dear Julie, I have not yet posted my thoughts on your last two posts here. Life has a way. Your quilt is fabulous, so glad you made that. I just really love this piece and am hoping to dip my toes into the world of indigo soon. I was over the moon inspired by India Flint and Roz Hawkers photos they posted of their recent Bower Bird Blues class. Luke is going to Australia in April or May and I am hoping to go with him ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you Julie, xox

    • You get to go to Australia!?! Wow! I am totally envious ๐Ÿ˜€
      I am planning on starting an indigo vat, when it warms up….. this blue was an indigo, soap nut combo that can be used like a regular natural dye (only on protein fibers).
      I have been swept up in the same time bubble. It happens to all of us.
      I hope to be in Portland in July, taking a class with Irit (fingers crossed)…. excited by that!!
      Love you dearly!

    • Thank you Monika!
      I do hope that I get into the class with Irit! I have NO idea how much it will cost, it hasn’t been posted yet, but have scheduled the time off…. and my brother and sister-in-law gave me a gift card for Christmas that will cover my airfare to Portland. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m excited!!

  2. This piece is beautiful, Julie. Etsy is in turmoil now, not unusual. They have changed Categories up without letting sellers know. I will run over and find your shop……again. Put a link in your blog so that we can find you easily.

    • Hi Maple!
      Etsy is always in turmoil. :-/
      Aren’t they going ‘public’ too? I wonder what that will do?
      There is a link in my sidebar….. under blogroll. But perhaps I will put a link in the blog itself when I get home from work.

  3. Your side bar doesn’t show up on my iPad or iPhone so it must be WordPress thing for mobile devices. I’ve looked for your etsy shop but would like a link . Is that possible? I just had to redo a couple of blogs for mobile so the internet is in constant change.

    I love this piece! I have never boiled with indigo. Have always used a cold vat after preparation. I may have to try it.

    • HiJanice,
      My etsy shop is: ….. I think that’s how you write it! ๐Ÿ˜‰
      This is an indigo produced in India, it’s combined with soapnut and is used hot. Only for protein fibers (or so it says). I love using it! Although I have started a regular indigo vat now too, since it’s warming up.

  4. opps I just wrote to the above email, but that;s not right. I was just looking for some advice on eco-printing, because I have been doing this for a few years now, and I have ok results, but not the best, greatest. I’ve seen nicer, and nowhere near as vibrant as India Flint’s . So not sure what I am doing wrong? Is it my water? I have tried steaming, for 1 hour, then for longer, about 3 hours, pretty good. Then boiling, 1st time, washed out colours, second time a bit better. not sure what you mean “boiled with Indigo and soap nuts” Can you boil Indigo? And what do the soap nuts do? I have found with silk, that only mordanting with soy milk, is better….Well thanks! great blog!

    • Thank you Cynara!
      It would be interesting to see some photos of your work!
      Everybody has different ways of approaching their eco printing. There is no one ‘correct’ way.
      You are bundling very tightly? Fabric not too wet when you place your leaves on it? What leaves are you using?
      The indigo/soapnut natural dye powder comes from India…… it is indeed boiled. But will only work on protein fibers (tried it on a soy mordanted cotton and it washed away).
      I don’t mordant silk usually, just let the copper or iron pipe do the job. The same for wool.

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