Jeph’s CD pouches…..

I really thought that 20 C.D. pouches could be made quickly, after all, I had already printed the fabric for them!

But no. He ended up having his Christmas present presented to him in various  stages of completion. Some were totally done. Some had their side closure stitched and were waiting for the sides to be hand stitched. And the rest were sewn and turned right side out, but with the hand stitching still to be done.

The outside is raw silk printed with eucalyptus. The inner cloth is old madras fabric that was purchased over a decade ago (intended as rags for a rug). There is batting between the two layers….. making a nice soft pouch for the C.D.s

Now all he has to do is create the music 🙂



Some close ups



Did some weaving too, during the pre holiday rush. A scarf for each of the kids. Alas, I didn’t get photos of them before I packed them up and shipped them off. 😦

Lilly did send a couple of photos of her scarf…. on her, and draped around Ellie. Her scarf was inspired Susan’s scarves (aka avalanchelooms) ….. I was showing her photos of Susan’s, and she said that she always liked my old samplers (from 30+ years ago). So I combined the great rose path patterns that Susan uses, with all the odds and ends of Harrisville yarns I had left. It actually turned out to be a bright, happy scarf! We were both pleased with it.

Ellie in Lilly's scarf10891721_10152556353734290_8651505679383559069_n


11 thoughts on “Jeph’s CD pouches…..

  1. So much to love!
    The pouches are lovely and unique. What a special pairing with music.
    The sampler scarf is colorful and Lily is so pretty in it.
    Elie is as cute as can be!
    Happy New Year, Jules!

    • Thanks Linda! 🙂
      All the kids are coming down in a couple of weeks for their father’s retirement party (the reason they weren’t here for Christmas)….. I’m so excited!!
      Happy New Year to you too!!!
      p.s. I enjoyed watching you decorate for the holidays!

    • Thanks Cheryl!
      Ellie is a cutie…. get to see her soon! Yay! All the kids are coming down in a couple of weeks for their father’s retirement party. It will be our “Christmas” gathering, a bit late.

  2. Love the pouches, what a work! And you are not late if there is still no music and no cd’s :). And I love love the scarf. And seeing it with a dusting of snow makes me happy (and a little envious too). Love, M.

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