A Small Quilt For Ellie’s First Birthday

My littlest quilt to date. Not that I’ve made many, which might be obvious to most people 😉

And technically it’s not a ‘quilt’…. since there is no quilting involved. An eco print patchwork comforter with alpaca ties anchoring it….. a mouthful! Quilt is so much easier to say!

One side, my favorite, is a large piece of eco printed silk charmeuse. The other is squares of eco printed raw silk, with naturally dyed strips between. Organic cotton batting sandwiched in-between.

These photos were shot this morning, before I was finished. Wanted to catch the early morning light…..



Interesting that the marigold leaves printed yellow on the charmeuse and green on the raw silk!






17 thoughts on “A Small Quilt For Ellie’s First Birthday

  1. I love the little pink leaves! Are they euc leaves? We of course don’t get them here in the North of the continent but they look like they could be the ‘silver dollar’ eucalyptus we have in South Africa.

    • Morgen,
      I tend to get a more pinky coral from the silver dollars here…. not the reds that others get.
      ….. there are a couple of trees growing in town. Not really a eucalyptus friendly environment here…. they tend to freeze back every few years.
      So I sometimes get mine from a florist, crossing my fingers that they haven’t been sprayed.
      Am heading to Portland for Ellie’s birthday next week…. the girls tell me that they heard that there is an eucalyptus tree growing in Washington Park. Will check it out 😀

    • Thanks Monika!
      Just got back for my trip last night (early this morning actually…. drove into town at 4:30 in the morning!)
      Loved being with the kids…. and Ellie is delightful, even when she’s grumpy.
      They will all be down here in January, for their father’s retirement party…. so not too long until we see each other again! 😀

  2. Hiya! I have nominated you for a One Lovely Blog award because I think your blog is full of awesome goodness. If you would like to accept this blog award, you may find the link here:


    And if you’re not into the whole blog award thing, that’s ok, too. I nominated your blog because I read it regularly and genuinely appreciate your writing and the work you do and wanted to share that with my readers. Thank you!



  3. I wish that I could hold it in my hands and drink in the vision of this quilt. I am not familiar with this kind of work, at least not at this level of artistry. Wow!

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