Time for a ‘Give-Away’!

You remember the dress that I made for my son to use in a photo shoot?

It has been returned to me, and I’m giving it away!

It is a size ‘small’……. but remember, in ‘Tina Givens’ world, small is not so very small. I would definitely say that a medium sized lady could wear it with ease.

IMG_4046 cropped

Raw silk, printed with a variety of leaves. Not the most wonderful of sewing jobs (I was in a hurry)….. but definitely a fun dress to wear 😀

If you wanted to be entered into the drawing, leave a comment here. I will put all the names into a hat and draw one out on September 12th. Anyone, no matter where you live, is eligible to enter!


42 thoughts on “Time for a ‘Give-Away’!

  1. Your work is beautiful. I’ve been experimenting with eco printing, but have not been too successful. So I would live to own one of your fantastic pieces! Sign me up for your drawing! Debby H.

  2. Hello Julie!
    I have just begun learning about eco printing…and it has caused me to see the world with new eyes:) Even made some silk scarves with friends this week after gathering treasures from a hike…
    your dress is lovely! Thank you for your graciousness. would love to have my name added to the (dye) pot!

    • Most of what I eco print, unless I’m printing fabric, is too small for me. Luckily I have small daughters! But this just isn’t their ‘style’…..
      Your name has been entered in the hat! Good luck!

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