Dress number 2….. and the magic of madder

I’ve made another Tina Given’s pattern, although I must admit to minor alternations due to my not reading the pattern thoroughly 😀 Unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon happening…. the failure to follow directions. But it gives it a minor new twist, and also gives me the confidence to go my own way with a pattern in the future.

IMG_3862 IMG_3866

You’re wondering where the ‘madder’ comes into this? And the magic?

This yarn was dyed in the same dye pot!


Hard to believe, isn’t it?!

I had three skeins of wool mordanted with alum. Two went into the pot before I eco printed anything. They turned out a nice dark red. The third skein went into the pot after I had done a couple of pots full of eco print bundles. I was curious if the copper pipes would’ve changed the color. But the same red again appeared…. although a bit lighter.

So purple and red from the same dye bath! ha ha ha……. and I was going for orange! 😉

Maybe I’ll photograph this one on me too….. while I’m in Portland next month. Or get one of my kids to do it for me….. they are much better photographers than I!!



14 thoughts on “Dress number 2….. and the magic of madder

    • Envious of the red? I know that it’s the color you were trying for….
      Funny too….. I was hoping for orange or salmon!
      Our results should be switched! 🙂
      And odd, at least in my mind, the purple. But it wasn’t mordanted, and was raw silk, so somewhere within that lies in the difference.

    • Thanks! I probably couldn’t repeat it…… since I never measure anything 😦
      But that’s the fun for me….. mysterious, unpredictable, magical…. I would make a horrible scientist!

    • Thanks Wendi!
      I used to sew a lot….. especially when the kids were little. Now I’m trying to get back into making all of my own clothes, or most of them. I need to learn how to sew knit fabric….. mainly to sew my milky merino, then perhaps on to making my own tee-shirts.

  1. Oh, Julie! I love all of the details and colors! Even though the yarn isn’t orange, it’s a beautiful, yummy shade of red. Kudos!

    • Thanks Beth!
      I’m not unhappy with the red yarn, it’s just not what I expected. I have some ‘navajo tea’ on order which should give me a nice orange.
      Where I was disappointed was the purple on the eco print…. really wanted orange there. Oh well….. I look better in purple anyway.

  2. Like Arlee, I aim for red..but am happy with other shades..as neither do i really measure or etc.. I love this dress Julie..you are always inspiring me. I will look up Tina Givens, as I am starting slowly to put my novice sewing skills to use with plant dyed pieces etc.. have a great time in Portland. It would be great if you get to stop over here some time again..

    • Thanks Ginny 🙂
      Hopefully I will make it up to Seattle again….. although having the cute little Ellie in Portland is like a siren;s song, calling me back there when I have the money to travel (this trip was made possible by a Southwest gift card that my brother and his wife gave me for Christmas!).

    • Thank you!
      I’ve worn it twice to work…… feel like ‘me’ in it, much more so than when I wear blue jeans and our work shirts (which are optional to wear…. just do it on occasion to make the boss happy).

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