Birthday present and WIP Raggedy Ellie doll

Spring is the time for linen, especially here in the Southwest where our temperatures will be rising quickly.

I needed a birthday present for my sister-in-law, and these linen shawls looked lovely….. and perfect for eco printing!

I soaked it in soy milk/rain water for a few days (I did add some washing soda this time, for the last couple of days). Then I soaked it over night in some rain water with sea salt dissolved in it.

After tossing on some leaves….. cotinus, rose, eucalyptus and onion skins….. I rolled it around an iron pipe and simmered it for three hours in a pot filled with rainwater and a bit of madder/soapnut.

IMG_3705 IMG_3706 IMG_3696 IMG_3697 IMG_3698 IMG_3699 IMG_3700

I also printed an old tee-shirt at the same time (no photos). and the same lovely purple color is shibori printed across the shoulder area, so I decided to toss an old crocheted cotton shawl in the pot afterwards and dye it the same purple. I added alum to the dyebath…… and what do you think happened? It shifted the color from purple to orange!! Ahhh, chemistry, don’t you just love it!



The WIP that is mentioned in the title to this post is a little rag doll I’m making for my grand daughter. She will made totally of eco print fabrics, with naturally dyed hair. This is “Raggedy Ellie” so far. Next comes the hair, and then to sew up her clothes.



It’s been a fun weekend, and I feel ready to launch into more projects next weekend!



6 thoughts on “Birthday present and WIP Raggedy Ellie doll

  1. Julie, my heart melts when I look at the doll! What a great idea! And the pink is quite incredible – leftover dyebath + alum and pink??? Perfect. The shawl is gorgeous, as usual. You are back on the track oxo

    • Thank you Monika! 🙂
      I have thought about making a rag doll for quite some time…. and now that I have a little person to give one to, I knew that I had to give it a try. I’m putting her hair on now…. it’s a nice alpaca dyed with madder.
      I hope that I am ‘back on track’…… it felt that way these past few days. Hopefully it will continue next weekend!!

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