Tablecloth for Lilly

I took the last of the eucalyptus I leaves gathered in California and dyed a small linen tablecloth for Lilly. She can use it for her table or perhaps use it for a curtain….. but if she wants to cut it up and make herself something from it, that would be okay too!

IMG_3667 IMG_3668 IMG_3670 IMG_3671 IMG_3672 IMG_3673 IMG_3675


And here are two more tee-shirts that I dyed last week.

IMG_3676 IMG_3678 IMG_3686 IMG_3683 IMG_3684 IMG_3685


I am torn between wanting to do more eco printing this ‘weekend’ and finishing up a couple of weaving projects. We’ll see which one wins! πŸ™‚

P.S. I had a harebrained thought of taking a bus to Mendocino, and gathering more of the wonderful leaves I found in that area. But luckily for me, the bus doesn’t go there!!


16 thoughts on “Tablecloth for Lilly

  1. I live in N. Ca. and a friend south of me has several trees on her property. I’d be glad to get you some if you like (you might check if there’s no issue of bringing them into your state). Love what you did with your found leaves.

    • What a kind offer Judith!
      There are no restrictions here that I know of. A friend from Southern California sent me some once.
      There are over 600 varieties of eucalyptus….. some give really nice prints, others don’t do much. I would love to give yours a try!
      If you write to me at
      I will send you my address!
      AND I will reimburse you for your shipping costs!!

    • Thanks Wendi….
      A friend sent me a big bunch of dyeable clothing/fabric a couple of years ago….. this tablecloth was in that bunch!
      Curtains would be nice to do too! I have a cloth slung over the window in my back door (my first successful orange euc print!)…. and I love the way the light plays through it.
      I’ll bet if you made eco print curtains they would sell on etsy!

  2. hello dear Julie: Just read a bunch of your back posts..came over from a Flickr visit.. Agree about your awesome dyeing and mothering; I wish you would be coming to/through Seattle would so lovely to cross paths in person again Am a bit sad for you/with you that all of the kids are farther away than you would like. That little baby girl is sure a beauty and i loved seeing the pix on the road of you and of Lilly. I might have to visit you to take in the Jerome dump!

    • Dear Ginny,
      Come on over, I’ll take you to the dump! πŸ™‚ Winter is the best time….. so you don’t have to worry about snakes, or the extreme heat.
      I will definitely let you know if I am in Seattle again. One of Jeph’s dearest friends lives there, so it’s a place we love to go.
      P.S. Ellie is a cutie! But then I’m biased….. just a bit πŸ˜€

    • Thank you dear Monika!!
      Yes…. the rusty pieces are proving their worth. I will be using them more as I try out new plants this summer.
      Oh, i ordered a eucalyptus nicolii and a grace cotinus!! They should be here on Thursday, so I’d better get busy digging some holes!

  3. Hi Julie
    Some really beautiful things you have been creating! I hope to see you on one of you future trips to oregon- for lunch or maybe finding more gorgeous leaves..Cheryl

    • Cheryl! Hi!!
      I felt bad after I left Oregon in November, when I had been there two weeks and didn’t call you.
      But the whole pregnancy thing, with Emily being late and then finding out the baby was breech and trying to turn it, and then the C-section. And then the after care and all of us being exhausted.
      This past trip with Lilly was a whirlwind one, was only in Portland 24 hours.
      BUT next trip…. sometime later this year…. I will certainly call and we can go have lunch and a leaf gathering walk!!

  4. It’s totally understandable- and that baby is so cute! As I’m sure you’ve heard this winter was one of our coldest in several years, so you came at the perfect time…mi was thinking that right next door there is a ginkgo tree. Wonder what those would look like if used?

    • I’ve seen ginkgo leaves used for eco prints…. they turned out well for that person. Well worth trying!!
      Yes…. we drove up a few days after the big snow/ice storm. I was thankful that it had all melted off, and it was just raining when we got there!!

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