Jerome Dump

It’s hard to believe that I’ve lived in the Verde Valley for almost 32 years, and have never visited the old Jerome Dump before today!

To think of the times I’ve wandered around the desert around here, looking for rusty objects to add to my eco print bundles….. finding very little.  When just up the hill is a rust mecca!!

Lilly and I had a wonderful time.

IMG_3397 IMG_3405 IMG_3411 IMG_3413 IMG_3414 IMG_3420 IMG_3422Work for the next four days….. then after work on Sunday we are heading out on our road trip to Portland!

I’ll post photos of the trip when I get back on the 14th……



12 thoughts on “Jerome Dump

    • Isn’t that the truth!
      I was happy to find several iron pipes….. I’ll enjoy using them instead of my copper pipes all of the time. Plus I got some nice rusty screen which will be fun to use.
      I’m stoked! 😀

    • Thanks Beth! I hope the driving goes without a hitch! The first ‘day’ will be such a long one……. and Lilly’s car is loaded to the max. But after the first day it should be clear sailing!
      And it’s true….. there is a life time supply of rust up there for me! Yippee!!

    • Hi Connie!
      I don’t live in Jerome (I do work up there!)….. I live at the base of the mountain, in Cottonwood.
      And yes….. the dump is a wonderful find! Too bad it took me so long to ‘find’ it! But I have now, so I will always know where to go for more rust! 🙂

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