Birthday Present For Jeph

What do you give somebody for their birthday, when they say they want nothing?!

Jeph, my partner, is a musician…… he makes music out of field recordings and natural objects.

IMG_3350_1I decided to make him CD covers!

Some of them turned out…. others didn’t. I read that you should soak paper for 1/2 an hour in vinegar before placing your leaves on them.  But the first two batches seemed blurry…. like the extra moisture in the paper sucked the pigments into the surrounding area. So I soaked the last batch for less time. Some of the leaves made good prints, some I ‘played’ with a bit too much, and the first batch (which I didn’t photograph) were just plain boring. Oh…. tried making another batch of 12 today…. and the leaves left no prints at all 😦

IMG_3389 IMG_3385 IMG_3387The nice thing is…. no matter how much I like, or dislike them, he will tell me that they are beautiful!




14 thoughts on “Birthday Present For Jeph

    • Thanks Beth!
      How’s the weaving coming along? I almost put a warp on the loom this weekend 😉 But will for sure this coming week….. am going to make Lilly a ‘going away’ scarf. She’s moving to Portland next month, and since she’s been living in Phoenix for many years now I’m not sure how many wool scarves she has (especially since Mike’s cats eat them!).

    • Thank you Maple!
      I think of you every night, as I pull my toasty alpaca socks on! I kept two of the three pairs (greedy ‘ol me!) and gave Lilly the third pair, to keep her toes toasty when she moves to Portland.

    • Thanks Ginny!
      He was quite happy with them…… he doesn’t have the weird/silly sense of ‘perfection’ that i do, and of course he had no preconceived expectations of what they would look like!

  1. Hi Julie,
    I am just discovering you blog today and find it full of life, experimental and inspiring 🙂
    Your work is beautiful and varied!… I have never dipped leaves in egg for ecoprint – but kept some for dyeing experiment, so I might try soon 😉
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Idy!
      You just described my life….. experimental! 😉
      Thanks for the compliment! I love your work!!
      I will keep following your work at etsy…… and maybe someday I will reopen my shop.

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