Giving Thanks…..

I haven’t written much here lately, life has been too busy.

I just returned from two weeks in Portland Oregon….. a trip that started out as a week vacation, to go visit my new grand baby who was due on the 11th.

I got to Portland and Emily hadn’t delivered yet. So we spent the first day gathering leaves! That was fun!

IMG_3166The next few days I continued to walk around their neighborhood gathering more leaves to bring home. I managed to get quite a few of the wonderful large cotinus leaves from the tree that I scored some from on my last visit in August!! Plus many maple leaves, of various varieties.

I was up there almost a week when Emily had an ultrasound on her 41st week of pregnancy. They discovered at that time that the baby was breech! What they had been feeling was it’s head, not it’s rump!! The midwives went into action trying to turn the baby. Not so pleasant on Emily! When they couldn’t get it to turn, they called another midwife, known for her amazing ability to turn babies. She tried the next day…. also unsuccessfully.

Now Emily and Matt were faced with a tough decision. Get an epidural at the hospital, and have them try to turn the baby. Or wait, and see if the baby would turn on it’s own. The decided on the epidural.

When they got to the hospital, they hooked up a fetal monitor and found that Emily was in the early stages of labor! And that the baby’s heart rate was dropping during the contractions, rather than increasing like it should be. So the epidural and turning was no longer an option. There were only three doctors willing to deliver a breech baby in the hospital….. and none of them were available at that time.

So, she had a c-section. She and Matt were not very happy with that. They had been planning on a natural birth…… far away from a hospital and all of it’s germs. But life does give us unexpected twists sometimes that we just can’t fight.

So the little girl was born on November 21st (my father’s birthday!). She was 7 lbs. 6 oz and 19 inches long. Both she and Emily are doing splendidly!! And Matt is proving once again what an amazing fellow he is. The way he is caring for Emily, and doting on his new little girl…. it makes my heart swell.

IMG_3189_1IMG_3213_1IMG_3236_1IMG_3241_1I came home again on Tuesday. It’s hard being so far away! I miss the smell of her….. and the warmth of her little body. And I miss Emily and Matt and Cooper (it’s nice that he lives across the street from her!)

So today I give thanks for all the miracles in the world. For family. For friends.

No great feast here today. But I will eco print a blouse with leaves I brought back from Portland…. perhaps next week I will post photos of the blouses I have dyed/printed in the past few weeks!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! ❤


23 thoughts on “Giving Thanks…..

  1. Congratulations, Julie! I’m so glad everything turned out well. She’s just beautiful!
    Not much cooking here either but, that’s OK. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks Beth 😀
      Happy Thanksgiving!!
      We are just eating leftover soup from last night…. It was yummy then and will be more yummy today!
      It will be hard heading back to work tomorrow, after two weeks off! But I am so grateful for my boss giving me that second week!!! Not only was I able to meet the little girl, but was able to help out a bit with the two exhausted parents.

  2. Safe delivery, healthy mom and baby, loving family, so much to be thankful for. I remember how amazing was that first feeling of seeing my daughter as a new mom, and meeting that new little baby-of-my-baby for the first time. It’s continued to amaze and bless my life, despite also being far away. I think I know where you’ll be spending your vacations!

    • Thanks Linda…… so true, SO much to be thankful for!
      It is a bit overwhelming, in a good way! To see my baby with a baby of her own…..
      Lilly is talking of moving up to Portland in February. And when John retires sometime next year, he too is talking of going that way. 😦 All my family will be in Portland! So yes…. that is where I will be taking most of my vacations.

  3. Congrats! Gorgeous angel ! So much joy and happiness seeing your baby holding the baby. I can imagine how you recall the excited and sweet moment holding your girl on her birth.

  4. Dear Julie, I am happy that all went well in the end. She is beautiful and looks much mature than just few days old.There is a lot of blessings to count, today and every day. Love, M.

    • Dear Monika, it is true, there is so much to be thankful for, so many blessings!!
      She does look older than a few days in the photos….. not so much in real life. Although when she looks at you with those piercing eyes, she seems so wise! Like an old soul.
      Love you too

  5. Happy, Happy!! Congratulations to you Julie – and congrats to dear baby for having such a fabulous grandma – I envision lots of fantastic fun in the future.

    • Thanks so much!
      Emily is envisioning MANY handwoven creations coming the baby’s way! I just smiled at that.
      I do want to weave fabric and make her a jacket at some time….. out of hemp and cotton, or perhaps silk.
      Right now I seem to be having a hard time getting anything done…. must be the holiday chaos in my brain.

  6. I love this happy, beautiful, post. Julie, she is so beautiful and her mama looks pretty amazing for having just given birth. What a beyond joy a new life brings to those of us who are so blessed by the miracle. Your thoughts must always be with her. My computer crashed last week and I have lost all of my email addresses. When you have a moment will you please send me yours?? Did you know that India Flint keeps her most precious silver tea pot housed in the very same bag that you wove?? She told me so. Love you lots

    • India’s keeping her teapot in my bag? That is so cool.
      Birth is a blessed miracle! From the photos that Emily sends, little Ellie is growing like a weed. Everybody is happy and healthy up there….. although sleep deprived. Ellie seems to be her father’s daughter….. up all night and sleeping during the day. 🙂
      Your computer crashed? I am so sorry to hear that, it’s happened to me a couple of times over the years and it’s so frustrating, not to mention sad at the photos lost. I’ll write you an e-mail through gmail, and then you will have my address again.
      Sending big hugs your way!!
      Love you oodles

  7. Ellie!!! What a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. I have been waiting to hear her name. So sweet. Sleep deprived, shhhhhh, don’t dare tell Emily how long that lasts 🙂 Here is what India said about your beautiful hand woven bag……”i think FaceBook needs an ’empathy’ button, Sheri Ricker because it felt rather wrong to be clicking ‘like’ on your comment. I’m so sorry you were ill my dear and that I missed you. hope things improve. you’ll be pleased to know that my travelling teapot now lives in that lovely woven pouch you gave me [when it isn’t full of hot gingerwater, that is..]” What an honor that is my dear. I can see Ellie running around playing in little eco dyed dresses by grandma Julie. Better get busy 🙂 Love you oodles and doodles

    • You were sick? Are you all better now?
      So my woven bag is now the protector of the traveling teapot…. that is an honor indeed!
      Her ‘real’ name is Eleanor…. but I think that Ellie is so much cuter! Since I don’t knit, I ordered her a handknit Christmas stocking with ‘Ellie’ written on it. But when she gets bigger, it will be so much fun to make her clothes! I sewed for all my children when they were small. So she will probably get many eco printed dresses and overalls! And handwoven jackets.
      Off to work….. there’s supposed to be a storm coming in this evening, cross your fingers that it doesn’t snow in Jerome! That road is treacherous when it’ slippery!!
      Love you oodles too!!

  8. Congratulations on your beautiful grandchild! Portland must be lovely at this time of the year. My daughter lives in Portland too. It’s a lovely town to visit. Blessings

    • Thank you!
      Portland was lovely in November….. there were still plenty of leaves on the trees to collect!! I gathered up so many of them to bring home! Arizona, where I live, is short on maple leaves. OH, I gathered up liquid amber leaves too! Such wonderful prints they make!

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