Petite Blanket….. the beginnings

I started spinning some wool yarns for a ruana awhile ago. Some are naturally dyed, and the rest are natural colored wool. But now that I have closed my etsy shop I have no ‘need’ to weave it. So I’ve decided to turn them into a little blanket!

These are the warp yarns….. yarn for blanketFrom left to right…. gray wool (from roving Lilly gave me last Christmas in my stocking), the next two are a moorit shetland/alpaca/angora blend, the next two are BFL/silk dyed with cochineal, then comes a BFL/silk brazilwood skein, the last two are rovings that I bought from and then spun…. both are cochineal.

For the weft I dyed some mohair boucle in the same dye bath as the middle two skeins.

Will weave it and post photos this coming week 😀


6 thoughts on “Petite Blanket….. the beginnings

    • No, not a baby blanket …… although I do have thoughts for one of those too! 😀 I was thinking afghan size…. as a Christmas present for one of the kids.
      I need to buy some superwash merino yarn for the baby blanket….. because I know that Emily will not want to hand wash it!

    • Thanks Monika!
      I am just going to use some mohair boucle that I dyed with cochineal for the weft….. to help counter the heftiness of the handspun.
      I can’t wait until my next days off…. to start weaving!!

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