Vintage wool shawl

I bought this shawl years ago at a swap meet and rediscovered it the other day while rummaging through my stash of woolies.

It’s mostly wool, with some silk and rayon, and metallic pattern threads.

It took up the leaf colors a bit differently than what I had expected. Perhaps it was the metallic threads, or whatever it had been washed in before I bought it.





15 thoughts on “Vintage wool shawl

    • Thank you Mariana! I like it too!
      What was I expecting? The Mexican marigold has never printed a ‘rust’ color before….. I like it! The cotinus didn’t really do much of anything on the shawl. And the amaranth just totally disappeared! Although it was bleeding red into the cloth when it was first bundled.
      I had just used plants from my garden the first time I bundled it…. and it looked ‘weak’ in design, from some of the plants not doing anything, So I bundled it up again…. with more marigold, more weeds and a few eucalyptus leaves. The eucalyptus needed more time in the pot, the orange is just beginning to pop out….. but that’s okay.

  1. I think this looks wonderful!

    I’d like to nominate you for the WordPress Family Blog Award… I love reading your blog and enjoying your eco-printing adventures with plants growing near you…

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