A Skirt in the Making

A weaver friend, Elizabeth Hill, made the most wonderful skirt out of handwoven fabric.

I was looking at it and thought…. that skirt would look nice out of eco printed fabric!! About the same time that I was thinking that, she wrote to me and said, “I think that this skirt would look wonderful out of some of your eco print fabric!”

So I have begun the process. Today I printed some of the sea dipped wool that I had brought back from Portland. I tore the fabric into rough pieces slightly bigger than the pattern pieces.


I had thought to make the large pocket sections with just silver dollar eucalyptus, as a nice complimenting contrast. But I added some cotinus leaves to them, and regret it a bit. Ah well.

Here are a few close up details…….

IMG_3030_1 IMG_3028_1 IMG_3029_1

Will let the fabric set until my next weekend…. and then will begin the task of learning how to use my new sewing machine. Yes, I know, I’ve had the machine since May….. you would think that I would’ve learned how to use it by now! πŸ˜€

While I am writing this I have a loaf of ‘paleo’ fruit bread baking…. it smells so yummy!!


8 thoughts on “A Skirt in the Making

  1. two skirts in making then :), mine is finished, am going to blog about it.
    Love your prints again, Julia, I think it will be perfect as it is, perhaps big pockets in a single print would stand out too much.

    • Your skirt turned out wonderfully Monika! πŸ™‚
      Perhaps you are right…. maybe the single print would have stood out too much.
      I’m excited to start sewing this one, but will leave the fabric until next week before I wash it….. let the color set a bit more (or perhaps I’m just procrastinating?).

    • πŸ™‚ I will probably need that much time to learn about mine too!
      I am letting the fact that it is computerized daunt me. My daughter Lilly, who bought it for me, says “Just jump in and start playing with it mama” but her generation is so much more adept at anything having to do with computers. I’m always afraid that I’ll break something!

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